The Titan Answer-Seeker [MOC]

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Hello all,

I have recently been quite busy with my latest Rahi revamp, the Tahtorak! I got inspired after a large package came in the mail carrying the entirety of one of the CCBS creation free play bins in a Lego store. (I have a few close friends in the Lego store business). Rather than trying to find out who sent me the gift and whether or not a Lego employee is even allowed to send someone that for free (Believe me - I'm not complaining! ;) ), I set to work organizing the dozens of masks, yummy trans-purple bones (about 30 in total), countless eyestalks, heads, and more. Anyway, since this batch in question had so many trans green shells, I began to make a dinosaur, which turned into the Tahtorak. This is the biggest yet, and while the color scheme has been shifted to a lime focus and trans flourescent green yellow (...??? that trans color Pohatu has), I tried to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Without further ado, here's the Titan Answer-Seeker in all his jumbled-color scheme glory!







Comments, constructive criticism, and tips are welcome! I am relatively new to MOCing in general and would love to hear tips from the masters! Thanks for checking out this MOC!

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I think he looks great. He kind of reminds me of the Pokemon Groudon, but in green. :D I'm most impressed y your head construction, that's always a sight to see if done well.

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Jumbled? I certainly think not!

The scheme looks very consistent to me, bright green and lime 'hide' with gunmetal armor and an electrified tail. Looks dangerous!

I like how much it looks like the original G1 lizard while keeping it fresh and new at the same time. I really enjoy the electrified look of that spine, and how you used those Hero-Factory spike/blade parts around the head. And the foot-jaw works. Yaaay!

How tall is our answer-seeker next to a G1 figure? Or a G2-sized figure? I'd be curious to see how easy it'd be to ride on the Tahtorak into the Okoto sunset :-p

I think you've done a fantastic job recreating him (I assume the reptile is a 'he' anyway) with the new-generation parts. Great work!

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