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[MOC] Fausht-1990

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Often called "death incarnate" by those who encounter it, the Fausht-1990 is essentially a Y-wing with two B-wing airfoils attached to either side, and the torpedo bays on the fuselage replaced with Tibanna gas cells. The two forward-most domes on the Fausht are each shield generators that operate independently from each other, complimenting the powerful main shield generator with "redundancy overkill".

The ship's main weapons are a pair of high-output laser cannons on the tip of the cockpit. The secondary weapons take the form of a turbolaser in-between the two lasers, and the standard B-wing modular weapons pods on the wingtips. Each pod holds two torpedo tubes, firing high explosive homing proton torpedoes with the guidance of a powerful targeting laser. The ship is very slow, as it only has two Core Galaxy Systems ion engines to propel it.

This ship is owned by the enigmatic droid mercenary Fausht, a renegade "Death Star droid" that escaped the destruction of the first Death Star in the Battle of Yavin.


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