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[MOC] HK-3030 Multi-Role Starfighter and TB-3030 Torpedo Conveyer

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The HK-3030 Multi-Role Starfighter (HK stands for hunter-killer) is built off of a B-Wing cockpit and fuselage, with the airfoil removed and replaced with a single incredibly powerful turbolaser nacelle. It is seen here with a TB-3030 Torpedo Conveyer.

The HK-3030 is the workhorse of the Dondo Tissmar Asymmetric Reserve (DTAR, see "Old Clones at the Fuel Depot" for an elaboration). With a single laser cannon on the turbolaser strut, it can handle small and lightly armored craft with ease. The massive turbolaser on the starboard side is rated for AT-AT hull plating, meaning it can punch through most any armor and make short work of anything smaller than a Carrack-class light cruiser.

The TB-3030 is an "ugly"; a unique starfighter that is made of parts from several starfighters, in this case, from a B-Wing heavy attack starfighter, a Mandal Motors M3-A Scyk starfighter, and many custom fabricated components.

The TB-3030 is a variant of the HK-3030 multi-role fighter. The main divergence from the HK-3030 is the lack of heavy turbolaser. Instead of a turbolaser, it has a single diamond-boron torpedo and a variable geometry airfoil for added maneuverability. The proton torpedo nacelles near the cockpit have been replaced with similarly shaped repeating lasers.

The TB-3030 is used in conjunction with the HK-3030 for assaults on capital ships. Two HKs escort the less offensively powerful TB-3030 until it is in range of the target, and after firing the diamond boron torpedo, they split up and the TB retreats to its dock to re-arm with a new torpedo. This practice is generally done with several wings of 3030-pattern starfighters.

The gyroscopic cockpit is used to full effect on the TB and HK-3030, utilizing a navigational computer to perform normally dangerous or fatal maneuvers with ease.


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