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[MOC, digital artwork] Spaceman Spiff (Calvin & Hobbes)

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I love Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. From time to time I still have lots of fun reading this great literature.

One of Calvin’s alter egos is Spaceman Spiff: Spiff is an "interplanetary explorer extraordinaire" who explores the outermost reaches of the universe "by popular request" in a red flying saucer with a bubble canopy.

So here comes my digital artwork “Spiff shot first”. Built with SR3D Builder (LDraw), rendered by Pov-Ray.


Spiff_shot_first by Papacharly, on Flickr

And this is the original Spiff, stranded on an unexplored planet, uses the Death Ray Blaster to defend himself from aliens:


Spiff pulls his Death Ray Blaster:


Spiff_Blaster by Papacharly, on Flickr

Hope you will enjoy it.



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Wow! This is a great MOC. I really like how you went from cartoon artwork to a LEGO design. It is impossible for me to comment on just one thing because you did it all so well.

Andy D

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