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The merc with the mouth gets in a fight with the law and not the normal kind either.

Deadpool and Green Lantern duke it out in various combat styles from Giant Robots to 80's Arcade games to plain old pie throwing.

If there's any one you don't mess with it's Wade Wilson.


Courtney Leacock as "Comedic" Deadpool

NeonIcyWings as "Serious" Deadpool

Jack Rizzo as Russian Mobster

Bill Karalius as Green Lantern

Cliff Thompson as Braniac and Braniac Drone 3

Thanks for watching!

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Truly impressive :classic:

I really like how you created the effect of the "ring's constructs". How did you create the "transparent green" effect? I'd really like to use it in one my comics but I'm not sure the softwares I use can do it.

Anyway congratulations and keep up the great work :classic:

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