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Commander Beltar

[SoNE Ep. VIII] Eliminating the Competition

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After Beltar’s recent reassignment to an Imperial Medical Team, going to Tatoone is one of the last missions he expected himself to do as a Medical Official…

He was briefed on the mission at least five times, but he still could not comprehend why he was chosen to do this, and not someone higher up in the Empire. He wasn’t sure that this was the best thing for a very unexperienced stormtrooper to do…His old staff sergeant would have loved coming here…


The three Imperials surveyed the pod and the surrounding areas before the sergeant in command said aloud a needless order, “All right, Beltar, get in touch with the contact, we will take it from here. Ugh, looks like there's a Kel Dor wanting that pod...” Beltar then proceeded to begin the first phase of the mission.Before Beltar knocked on Dar-Dar Cyonie’s quaint little house, he kept thinking that this was not a mission for him, but then, without any more hesitation, he knocked.


Dar-Dar: Oh, Hellos! Yousa must be that bombad Imperial Officer who is coming to talk to mesa about the races. By the waysa, I did nothing wrongs!

Beltar: Hello there Mr. Cyon-

Dar-Dar: Please call me Dar-Dar! No need for formalities, comsa inside


Beltar followed Dar-Dar inside, and Dar-Dar directed Beltar to sit, while he prepared some traditional Gungan Tea, but Beltar insisted that he was fine.

Dar-Dar: Are yousa sure bombad Beltar?

Beltar: I’m fine, thank you. But let’s get onto business, such as why I am here.

Dar-Dar: Okay! Mesa say perhaps after wesa talk, wesa can drink some of my tea?

Beltar: Perhaps, but please, take a seat.

Dar-Dar reluctantly sat down, where he may have broken a sweat, but Beltar paid no mind to it, the plan was going smoothly. The other operatives where in position, working on finding the answer. All Beltar had to do was stall for the next couple of minutes…


Beltar: As you are no doubt aware, I am here for the races. The Empire is looking to recruit you for the race in the coming week.

Dar-Dar: Isa would accept this most humble offer if mesa pod was not broken down. Last race, I got in Bombad trouble. Most of mesa pod’s innards are not working anymore. Theysa need to be replaced.

Beltar: The Empire will pay for whatever you need. Tools, pars, equipment, fuel, an-

Beltar’s commlink beacon was active, then the Sargent in command announced to Beltar over the com, “Phase II is a go. Possible hostility confirmed, we will be their soon. Keep stalling…”

Beltar: Sorry, as I was saying: and any other supplies you might need.

Dar-Dar: Yousa Imperial scum, yousa stalling!

Two Minutes ago:


Stormtrooper: Sir, looks like our suspicions were right. He’s a rebel. But why would he actually paint their insignia here, on his house?

Sargent: The world may never know Boris, but for now, let’s proceed with Phase II.



Beltar: How kind of you to notice, though, you were a good pilot, too bad all of your winnings and belongings will be confiscated, and you will be arrested.

Dar-Dar: Neve-

As soonDar-Dar yelled never, the other two Imperial officer’s stormed through the two doors, Dar-Dar tried to dash for it, but when both doors where blocked, the attempt to escape was futile. He was quickly apprehended.

Boris: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Wait, you won’t have a trial! Never mind then.

Sargent: Boris, you have terrible jokes, alright Mr. Cyonie, you are under arrest by the Intergalactic Empire on the charges of Treason. Other charges are to be determined.

Boris: You did well Beltar, perhaps you will make your way up to a sergeant! Probably not though, joking of course…Aw, what’s that smell!

Beltar: Probably that Bantha outside…

Sargent: Okay you lazy soldiers, get outside! I want every piece of equipment and the pod to be shipped to Coruscant immediately. And if you excuse me, I have some real estate to ‘sell’.


Huzzah! A new subforum! More Pics in the spoiler! C and C welcome!













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I like the Tatooine feel of the build. And your Bantha is awesome. :classic:

As for the cons, the base is a bit plain, IMO.

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I like the pod racer and bantha best also. Well, that and the use of the Gungan... Cool "easter egg" with the hidden Rebel logo. Only the Rebels would be desperate enough to use a Gungan! :grin:

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Really like the bantha, the pod racer and the building, especially the interior. Are gungans really sharp enough to pilot those things?

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Thanks guys! I agree that the base is a bit plain, I actually used all my loose tan parts in this. Nearly the entire base came from Grand Emporium. (...which is fixed now...) The bantha and the pod where fun to build, I got inspiration for the bantha from many different people that built one. Sadly the pod is very, very fragile, but it's still in one piece at this time! (because I don't need any of its parts currently :laugh: ) And as for the gungan, I was planning on explaining that in a freebuild, which I may not have time to build, as my current wip freebuild is probably one of my largest builds. (still not that big I guess?)


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That is an awesome bantha! Your pod has a great feel to it, and I really like your story. Good work!

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I love your Bantha but even more so how little attention you try to draw to it. It's so well done but it's just apart of the scenery!

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