[SPC] Cat B - Fort Raid

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Sometime in the 17th century, there is an Imperial fort in the middle of the Caribbean where a pirate is being held prisoner. The fort is built on a rocky cove and some of the soldiers swear they have seen a mermaid calling out to them from the water. The Bluecoats think their fort is impenetrable, but a pirate captain is about to lead a raid on the fort to free his captured fellow pirate.

Thousands of years later, on a far away asteroid deep in space, history repeats itself as a space pirate is attacking a Galactic Imperial base to break out a fellow pirate from a high-security prison.

The Classic Pirates version was built by just2good while the space version was built by me. Let's take a closer look at them, starting with the classic version. The classic fort features a pier, a main building with a crane, and a prison cell with a cannon on top.


Like in the official Lego sets, both forts are open backed for easy access to the interior.


There is a wooden bridge connecting the pier with the main building, but watch out, some of the planks are a bit decayed and might give in.


Inside the building, there is a bottle of rum, a rat, and a map of the area.


On the second floor, there is the crane, a barrel with weapons, and a ladder that leads up to the roof.


From there, the Bluecoats can look out for incoming ships and fend off enemies with a small catapult. This is also where they keep there equipment and the key to the prison.


There is a mermaid that lives in this cove and occasionally seduces the soldiers.


While the soldier is distracted, the pirate captain sneaks in to free his friend.


The prisoner is free and the pirates have taken back the confiscated treasure! But the Governor won't let them leave without a fight!


Here is a better look at the pirates, the mermaid, and some of the accessories.


And here are the Bluecoats.


Now lets make a time jump to the far future where the Galactic Empire has colonized the far reaches of space. This space fort has the same kind of features as the classic fort: a landing pad, a main building with a crane, a prison tower with a cannon on top, and a small pirate ship.


Once again, the back is open for easy play.


The door to the main building opens up.


Inside the main building are a few computers and a fire extinguisher.


Inside the control tower, there is a small armory and a glass dome with HUD displays from where the governor can oversee the entire fort.


The laser bars of the prison cell can be raised and so can the light bridge to prevent escapes.


Inside the prison cell there isn't much except a bunk.


On top of the main building there is a large robotic arm crane for unloading cargo from landed ships.


On top of the prison tower, there is a huge laser cannon that can turn 360 degrees and aim up and down.


The space pirate captain is dueling the governor for the freedom of his crew member on the landing pad bridge.


Here is a closer look at the small ship that the space pirate captain uses to get to the fort.


This nimble fighter features the pirate insignia on the wings, a main engine, and two extra thrusters.


Here you can see the pirate captain on the right and the pirate prisoner in the middle. The creature on the left is one of the aliens inhabiting the asteroid the fort is built on. It carries some sort of alien artifact.


Manning the Imperial fort are the Governor and three bluecoat troopers, named so for their dark blue armor. The troopers have standard issue rifles and blasters whereas the governor carries a golden jetpack and a custom light sword. Note that all these figs have the same faces as in just2good's entry!


We hope you enjoyed our entry. You can see more pictures in just2good's Flickr and my photostream.

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Well done boys, I don't know how much collaboration went into it, but the designs are very similar!

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Thanks everyone!

Well done boys, I don't know how much collaboration went into it, but the designs are very similar!

There was quite a lot of collaboration actually! We brainstormed and updated each other on our progress constantly throughout the build! :classic:

What hair piece is that on the mermaid?

It's Black Widow's new hairpiece.

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I like the space part really much: crater baseplate, nice color combis, beautiful trans parts, landing dock (that one is great, looks like I am inspired now a bit :sweet: ), nicely done :wink::thumbup:

...but the small black spaceship is too similar to the one from the Benny's spaceship set, sorry :sceptic:

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Magnificent! Especially love the design for the governor's space sword: it came out wonderfully. Also, I love the playability with the raisable light bridge and the raisable prison bar lasers. Well done!

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