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[SPC] Cat A - The Crew of Commander Greckan

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Here is the crew of the infamous pirate Commander Greckan, along with some



The notorious Commander is seen above alongside three of his crew members, from right to left:

- His treacherous first mate Evalirus, from the Enocloran species

- Commander Greckan himself

- The brainless muscle Bloog, from the manufactured Bloog species

- And lastly, Steve.


Here is one of the unending hive mind policing the universe, protecting innocents against the likes of these space pirates: the Cyberimperial Guard. This is unit #32 of the space sector which these pirates primarily pillage from.


To conclude, here is an example of what is known as an islander throughout the universe, simply because of language roots on Earth. The 'islander' tribes which still exist were some of the first humans to pass the boundaries of their galaxy (nearly three millennia ago in the 1980's), but, unable to return to or contact their homeworld they soon devolved into what they are today.

* * *

Thanks for viewing :-) I'm pretty happy with these minifigures, and the stories I've written up for them. Theme mixing contests are always fun.

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The cyberimperial guard looks really cool. Imagine 100s of these after you...

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