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Lake-town Guard Polybags for Sale or Trade

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Now that all of my Lake-town Guard polybags are gone, I have a new updated list of things for sale/trade and things I am looking for. I am currently looking for:


Undead Soldiers (from Pirate Ship Ambush)

Pirates of Umbar/Corsairs (from Pirate Ship Ambush)

Mordor Orcs (any kind will do, hair or bald)

Moria Orcs

Orc Hunters (ponytail version from Lake-town Attack

Complete Witch King Battle

For trade I have:

Hulk bigfig (tan pants)

Green Goblin bigfig

3x Rancor

3x Wampa


Newer Jabba the Hutt

Older Jabba the Hutt


4x 1x bigfig tan Troll (from Fantasy Era)

The Lonely Mountain (no minifigures or Smaug, just the bricks.. great for getting pearl gold and sand green pieces cheap (less than 7 cents per piece))

Some of the stuff I have for trade is new and still sealed in the plastic baggies (Rancor and Trolls). I am also willing to sell anything I have for trade, just make me an offer. Thanks for reading.

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I picked up several of the undead pirate crew from the PotC sets three each of the shirtless bald zombie and the red vest with the long black hair. All come with cutlass and or pistol.

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Completed an excellent transaction with Deathleech for three laketown guards

Thanks for the feedback, you were also a pleasure to work with!

With that said, I am all out of the Lake-town Guard polybags. I am still looking for more orcs and undead though. I am mostly just looking to buy them as I don't have anything left to trade. I have some older 1980s and 1990s Castle stuff I could probably part with though. If anyone is interested in that, or just wanting to unload some LotR orc or undead minifigures let me know and I will give more specifics!

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What would you ask for a newer Jabba the Hutt figure?

And what for a Rancor? (As for trading)

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