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MOC Small ATV Shop

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This weekend I worked on a small shop for a few ATVs I built. Below are some images of them. In total there are three (I ran out of pieces to make more) with trailers for two. One of the trailers is slightly larger since it is meant for more industrial loads while the smaller one is meant for gardening. As a final note my photography has improved so enjoy.


Here we have Robert the gardener someone who will become a usual in my models. You can recognize him for his hat (a hint is look in the roller coaster car for my fair.)


The heavy duty industrial trailer being loaded with poles/pipes and some tanks.


A close up of one of the ATV's.


Two workers in the shop.


Here we have an overview of the model which just goes over the edge of a 32x32 base plate.

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Nice job...looking good. Im looking forward to this progressing!

Sadly this won't be progressing I dismantled it shortly after taking these photos to build the roller coaster station.

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