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[WZ11:C4, DK] Duel beneath the Blood Oak

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The Wither Woods are a stunning sight; miles and miles of exotically colored trees; a place of great beauty and tranquility that is renowned as one of the wonders of Kaliphalin. Today, however, that tranquility is utterly shattered, as fierce screeches and harsh clangs echo throughout the forest.

These sounds originate from a spot deep in the forest, in the territory of the Cresentthorn Elves, in the center of an ancient grove of trees. This is the Cresentthorn elves' ancient fighting arena, used for centuries to resolve conflicts in the forest. The elves fight here so often that the trees have become reliant on the steady supply of blood that seeps into the ground. This unusual diet has a strange affect on the trees, causing their leaves to change color, causing them to be known as blood oaks.

Today a duel takes place between two female elves, one fighting for the High Council, another for the Desert King.


Both elves fight fiercely, fighting on the same ground as their ancestors.


A official watches from the side


The fight rages back an forth, with neither elf able to gain the upper hand



However the Desert King elf eventually takes the upper hand and defeats her opponent, watering the tree with fresh blood.


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Very nice job with the dark tan sloping and the tree looks good as well!


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Not your average girl fight. The tree and base both look really good and the minifigs are well-posed. "Watering the tree" - such a dry, indifferent statement!

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