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Looking for that giant yellow tower crane built ~2 years ago

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I promise I've already spent about 2 hours googling this on these forums, youtube, the BrickTechnic French forums, and Brickshelf - still can't find it which is surprising because I usually save links for creations that I think are really cool.

I think it was made by some French people (I think).

It's maybe 4 or so meters tall. It has a fixed horizontal jib.

Pretty sure it uses Hailfire rings for the tuntable.

It's yellow and I THINK it was mostly studeless but I can't remember.

There was a long-ish video on youtube of 3-4 people mounting the jib at a convention.

I wanted to see it again because I wanted to see how they did their Trusses. I've already looked at the truss designs at TexBrick, and I'm looking for even larger designs.


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There you go. By the way, I thought you got a new account?

Thanks for the link.

I just haven't been as active with my lego stuff recently. I did make some videos about modifying battery packs and XL motors, and then I spent some time selling off legos I knew I would never use and streamlining my collection.

The giant mobile crane WILL still get built. . . eventually heh. It's just finding the 4 hour stretches of uninterrupted time to sit and work on it that's hard. I coach triathletes and it's busy season right now.

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