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(LDD)(MOC) Stadler KISS

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Hello all

It's been some time since EB Member Ashi Valkoinien posted his version of this train, view his topic here:http://www.eurobrick...=103708&hl=kiss

I also built one, since these trains are running also in Switzerland and I use them quite regularly.

Ashi's train and mine are basically the same, except for the livery, however the building technics are very different as you will seee on the pictures.

As every double-deck train in Switzerland (and west-Europe I guess) the upper part of the train is kind of round and creating curves with LEGO bricks is sometimes difficult. However with the new 1 x 2 x 2/3 I managed to come up with a good solution. The front was also challenging because the SBB livery contains two red stripes which make a "V-shape" on the front but with some SNOT building it looks quite acceptable.

Here are some LDD screenshots:

16865120171_bac5b0ffbe_z.jpgStader KISS cab car by StefanEris, on Flickr

16913002249_ca92af055b_z.jpgKISS Front by StefanEris, on Flickr

17043530336_09deb2e1c7_z.jpgKISS building technic by StefanEris, on Flickr

16864975612_5c2655149e_z.jpgStadler KISS (RABe 511) by StefanEris, on Flickr

There are no pantographs because they would be a pain to build with the LDD. You also might notice a small hole on the front part, thats because the 1 x 2 tile, which should be there, cannot be attached to the brick with the stud on one side. (Well, it could be attached, but only on certain positions.)

Critics and comments are welcome


Edited by Stefaneris

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This train looks fantastic, great work. The cars look like they they are long enough to be a challenge to work on standard lego curves (doable, but challenging). Among the details that I like, I like how you were able to continue the curvature of the roof so far down.

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Hello Zephyr1934

Thanks for your comment, the cars have the same lenght as my TEE cars, so they come around curves (of course there should'nt be any plants, buildings or so next to the curve).

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Hello Stefaneris,

thanks you for mentioning my project in your thread and thank you for sharing your interpretation of the Stadler KISS train. You did really well capturing the sloped red stripe, it is a really hard task to do, 1st generation FLIRT/KISS fronts are really hard to build with LEGOs, if you focus on some detail, you lose an another a little bit (by your model, the side window for driver's cab is not as detailed due to the SNOT you used around the front).

I advise to use panel 1×4×3 instead of two of 1×2×2 ones as front window, current front window seems to be a little short in height. Although 3 bricks height may be to much, using a trans-black panel gives you the illusion, that it is 2 brick, 2 plates high because of it's thick bottom, it will seem to be black, not trans black.Other detail, maybe you can fix it, that at the end of carriages there is no double deck, just simple deck in mid-height. Somehow like this:


My design based on the 360° camera view of the Westbahn train, maybe the stair design differs on suburban version, but I think there are no big differences.

Also, if you haven't found it, useful resource for scaling and details:


I hope you will build this train once. :)

Edited by Ashi Valkoinen

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Hello Ashi

Thanks for your suggestions. If I ever build this train in real, the black part above the windscreen will be there to display the destination the train is running to. They are also hinge bricks, to make the front with the headlights a bit more curvy, however I made tried it now with a 1x4x3 panel. I also designed the roof for the mid-height part the same way I did for the cab cars.

Here is a picture of the first two cars:

17170214165_0ccd932f5e_z.jpgKISS improved by StefanEris, on Flickr

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And now comes the improved side window on the cab. I knew it would be somehow possible to change the 2x3 black part to a panel and since I asked you at your KISS about a cab interior, I still had some place left for a chair :grin:

17144541826_ea0bca2bf5_z.jpgKISS Bt v3 by StefanEris, on Flickr

16963059027_c88e439364_z.jpgKISS Cab by StefanEris, on Flickr

Maybe it would be possible to connect the nose the the roof so that the white bricks on the inside would be unnessecary.

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