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LEGO Dimensions: Your Thoughts?

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Just today, LEGO released information on their latest major product development: LEGO Dimensions. It's a lot like Skylanders and Disney Infinity (in fact, it's exactly like Skylanders and Disney Infinity) in that you buy a starter pack which contains the main video game and several figures on stands which can be placed on a "portal" to unlock in-game characters and items. You can also buy seperate, cheaper packs which just contain figures. You can read more about it over on HothBricks.

Here are some random musings I have:

- You can finally buy Marty McFly's pink hoverboard.

- We now know that LEGO owns the Wizard of Oz license, so we may be seeing more Oz figures or even sets in the future.

- The microbuild vehicles look pretty cool, except for maybe Legolas's arrow launcher.

- The Unikitty figure has a new face print!

- The Starter Pack costs $100, so this entire lineup is basically dead to me now.

Considering all the other things I could spend $100 on, another LEGO video game with some open-world playability and a few minifigures just seems overpriced. What are your thoughts? Do you think LEGO Dimensions is going to be successful? Are you planning on getting it?

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