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[MOC] Sea Horse or Sea Battle

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This is not pirates per se, but it's about sail ships so i thought it fits here best.

If mods think it should be moved to other section of the site, please do so.

But we can pretend one of the ships is actually pirate ship ;)

General look:


It all started on Pyrkon convention Poznań/Poland in 2014. We got some free bricks and among them there were horse hats (sorry, don't know the proper English word) for old horses that were replaced with new design. Someone said the piece is really useless for anything than putting in on a horse. Someone else joined in and said that the piece is as useless as speedor'z bodies from Chima. O'rly? I wouldn't be myself if i didn't accept the challenge and prove them both wrong. So the Sea Horse steam boat was born:


Once i had it i had to build some other sailboats. Then my LUG was in need of sea themed dioramas for our exhibition that is now taking place in Swarzewo/Poland, so i built a scene for it:


One of the elements i'm most proud of is the Lightouse::


And the windmills:


But the main feature of the scene are ships:

17068975185_8bd1c67418_n.jpg 17068975045_b5c6dd2a51_n.jpg 17068224551_f32b617ae1_n.jpg 16881436110_5484f4e261_n.jpg


And some more detailed look at the ships:

16881142158_8fd09ce28f_n.jpg 16861629947_5fa8ac2340_n.jpg 16448882913_7a45b5a4eb_n.jpg

16861630247_9c0d11b617_n.jpg 17067550492_cb764060fb_n.jpg 16881239798_9592e792d7_n.jpg

For more photos please go to

You can also see my other new NPU creation here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=107970

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Nice use of parts and microbuild.

This probably fits the Special Theme better.

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What a nice miniature scene you have created!

Water is well done, lighthouse is fine too.

Fine steampunk element in there too.

This probably fits the Special Theme better.

Not sure.

Steampunk vessel could be seen as SciFi - but the others quality as "strange pirate ships", don't they?

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For a microscale this is built very well even if it isn't specific Pirates material. The paddle steamer is just brilliant! The other ships are nicely done as well and it all adds up to a busy little scene. Good job on the lighthouse and windmills too.

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