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I apologize this isn't in real bricks yet, but I promise it will happen as soon as I can do it. This is a mod of the truck from the just-released 60085. I've been wanting to do a bro-tractor style truck for quite a while and gathered up tons of references to do my own design, but I felt this platform was just right to mod from. Here it is:


Features include massive investment in forward-facing light apparati, sweet paint job, chromed-out front clip (to be special-ordered for the Real Thing!), janky front lift...


...False stacks in the bed (and Real Exhaust under the chassis), multiple sets of lift blocks above the rear axle, aftermarket tail lights and tailgate illumination strip...


...Retained gooseneck hitch, plus plenty of room for, uh, energy drinks...


...and an epic drop hitch that I am very proud of (and some weird green berries).

I was going to create the minifig piecemeal, but I may as well just put the standard-issue Rapper minus his mic in the cockpit.


(though the windsurfing print does look more appropriate than the chain)

Enjoy, and stay tuned for the Real Thing as soon as I can afford to build it.

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Quick update.



Front has been redesigned to simulate a drop bracket lift (the bro-est of front end lifts).


Berries have been retract-...uh, tucked...relocated to dangle inside the bumer.

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Really nice truck. You definitely need red or magenta for the truck nuts.

And in most parts of the country, that would be called a "d-bag lift." Although, that term may not be appreciated here on Eurobricks. :devil:

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Also known as 'coal-rollers' (from the black smoke that comes out of the stacks coming through the cargo bed floor) - a common sight in my town unfortunately. There's a technical school for engine mechanics in town and so there's plenty of idiots with diesel pickups who mod it at that school's workshop and then try and drag race each other up and down the main street of town.

They can't drive properly either. A kid on a bike nearly got killed because some dumbf*** with a lifted truck couldn't see in front of his hood and wasn't paying attention when the kid was crossing the street in front of him. Hell, there was even a fight in the high school parking lot between the owner of one of these trucks and a couple of other people. I guess they had moved up from the South that year and were flying dual Confederate flags quite proudly off their smokestacks? They don't put those flags on anymore because the school finally forced them to change it.

The best bit is that literally everyone in town dislikes those trucks and their owners just as much as I do, and for good reason, considering how much trouble they get up to... at least in my Lego city, I can enforce emissions and noise standards as strictly as I please, with whatever double standards I want (yes to supercars, no to coal-rollers!).

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What is a bro-tractor truck?

Edit: Sorry, didn't see the last post. Thanks! I would still love to know where the name comes from, though. When I googled it, I only got real tractors, and this post!

Great mod, perhaps a step closer to a monster truck than TLG's last effort!

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well,You definitely need red or magenta for the truck nuts.thanks35.gif

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It's finally here, bros!

Obviously some embellishment has happened due to parts availability/last minute ingenuity.


Check out this sweet rig bro!


Sweet bro-scheme.


Chill bro-mods.


Extra-large light bar, fully extended tow mirrors, and slick shades for maximum brovision!


Steering, bro!


Bed rails for increased bro-laxation, bro!




More steering brah! Drop bracket lift, brah!


Drop hitch, bro!


Versus the overland nemesis, bro!


Bros will be bros, bro.


A more sensible vehicle comparison, bro!


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I'm a farmer driving a normal 4x4 Chevy and I always get a laugh out of trucks like this - and the people who drive them. You really nailed it! I'm not familiar with all the "bro" speak and it all comes across quite funny to me. Very good job, bro!

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