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Captain Becker


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pirates-indexed.gif LDD 16D

Hello all, I`ve been working on a LDD ship a long long time, but they all have just grinded to a halt. Whit LoneBrickersSG`s topic and his first ship in LDD did really give me the spark. (A big thanks to him and the credits) So, I did copy the basic of the hull, and then modified it here and there till I was happy whit the result. The look has been heavily inspired by HMS Ontario which was 22 gun snow, serving in Lake Ontario during American Revolutionary War and did sank in a storm 1780, and was discovered again in 2008.

Now, this ship does not have as many guns as HMS Ontario, one reason being that there's just not enough space, and that the bow is just one big piece. But it only lacks 2 cannons less that Ontario did. Im planning on coming back to this ship. Maby, perhaps building it in real bricks some distant future as i am becoming a father this June. So no time for Lego's really.

I will try and work on the stern, as its too low and doesn't really please me at this moment, Also the bow will be made again, adding some guns, making Her just a bit longer and bigger perhaps. My goal on making ships is not to look extremely polished and pretty on the outside, but to make sure I would be able to do it in real bricks, and that it would be sturdy, so forgive the rather "Gruesome" look as im not a professional ship builder or anything.

Pictures in my Brickshelf



Captain Becker

PS: I did ask his permission to use his model, but he hasnt read it, or replied. Im sorry if it was not OK for you

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