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Gallus gallus domesticus SLX ie

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My second design for Space Zoo Project of TurkLug:

The Space Zoo, run by TurkLug, provides animals in two ways: First, those sent to the deep space to explore animal behaviours and second, those hunted by TurkLug rangers.

This animal falls into the second category. Thus, there is no scientific knowledge as to its origin. There are only assumptions, which are based on its appearance. It is called Gallus gallus domesticus SLX ie due to its appearance. Although, it resembles a chicken, the teeth in the front does not make it that domestic. The hard shell and the thorn-like formation on its back gives it a sound defense. The atmosphere of the planet it lived on was purple, so is its main colour. The most interesting feature of it, though, was its eyes. It had evolved to be able to see under low light. Several eyes, each of which had a unique angle of sight, were on a single organ.

16811483949_0f18c636f1_z.jpg1 by balikciklar, on Flickr

16377581393_484ff5b4b4_z.jpg2 by balikciklar, on Flickr

16811483379_61dc6feb73_z.jpg5 by balikciklar, on Flickr

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Eyes made of trans-green bottles and brown wooden barrels are...very unique and funny, haha - super! :laugh:

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