looking for ideas: one floor modular

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Hello, I have nothing to present here, but I have a bit of bricker's block, same as writer's block but in front of tiny bins full of lego parts :)

I have space left in my train+town layout for a 16 by 32 base and building, facing the main (and only) street of my town.

I had an 'emergency services station' there, part police, part fire station, but I've just dismantled it: too tall.

I want a short building -- max height should be 13 bricks from base plate.

The back faces a straight railroad, the front faces a main street.

The back needs to look good, because I'll be looking at that most of the time :)

It has to be short, because of perspective : I want to be able to see well the fa├žades and details of the modular buildings on the other side of the street.

Next to it there's a station and a small freight loading dock, so no more of those :)


I saw the small 16x16 adorable toy store posted this week, it's really neat.

I initially wanted to build a store / exposition center for speed champions cars, but they're really too large for the space.

What would you build?

A one story bank? A library? A rambler i.e. one story house? A post office?

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How about a small old school garage? The type you see in early color movies? The front is mainly the car door, and inside you could have tools and maybe a car lift.

In the french countryside (among other places) we still see things like these:


I imagine they must have looked great when new

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What about a car showroom, with a lot of glassvwalls?

So you can enjoy the newest models for sale from the back as well as from the front.

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I'll say my usual......hardware store or tyre dealer or combo the two. :wink:

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Thinking about what is normally next to stations, what about a coffee shop, newsagent or small supermarket? The new supermarket suitcase has has some great printed grocery pieces.

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