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Set 850: Forklift Truck

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Got this in September 2006 along with the old 6627 car off ebay. Just 29 years after it's initial release. The pieces were in very good condition, considering the age of now 30 years. There were no missing pieces. It is a compact forklift truck with instructions for a total of 3 models and inspirations for 3 more. the two instruction plans were in good condition, but showed some wear due to their age. And they've no piece callouts, since they weren't invented in Lego sets back then.

Now on to the Pictures:


First this are all pieces of the set in one of my old inner boxes.

Since I'm building the alternate(s) in small and medium Technic sets first I'm starting with the third model:

Third model: Weird Machine-thing

This is more or less some sort of elevator on wheels. It has one function. A mechanism to raise the bucket up and down. I didn't take pictures of it, since I got in trouble when building. But it's not a great alternate, either, which brings me to a verdict of 5/10 for this model

Second model: Grader

An open grader, which is quite huge considering the low piece Count at 210pcs. in this set. It was a fairly easy build, despite of the non existing piece callouts, which were first introduced in 1979 and on both models of the boxes in 1992. It features a very blocky steering mechanism, which works ok and a static plow. This model can be motorized with the old 4,5v motor from set 870, but the classic (90s) 9v motor can be used, too.


Here's the mechanism from below, just taken after assembling this model.


And this is the whole 70s beauty of a simple grader. It's rather blocky, but classic looking.

It's much better than the second alternate and gets to an 7/10, due too the looks.

Main Model: Forklift

This is the main model. It's very compact for the age of the design. it has two functions. the first is the blocky rear wheel steering mechanism, which doesn't always work, because of it's blockyness. the second is the working fork, which is powered by a pulley wheel moving just four gears, linking to the fork's rack. The build was partly modular, since the mechanical parts are built first and just attached in the chassis process.


This are the whole forklift forks, after building their module. in the farther process it's just trapped between mechanism and chassis front.


This is the steering, which is made of six turntables, a rack and numerous pieces


This is the chassis at step 8, just before adding the forks and steering wheel. The column is mostly plain basic and some technic.


And this is the finished model with the large steering wheel and the blocky seat. The levers don't have any functions

Model verdict: A blast from the past with many functions for something this old at 9/10


Set verdict:

Design and Models: 7/10, very boxy designs, due to the age and bad second alternate

Build: 9/10 Classic early technic building. Simple and effective

Sturdyness: 8/10: Sturdy, but some damage after the table fall

Fun: 9/10 Blast from the past.


Overall: 8,25/10 Points - Blast from the early days of Lego Technic.

mFg Widdi

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Thanks for this nice review *y* *y* . It's nice to see reviews for the alternate models.

I had this set back in the days, I'm going to re-build it with my spare pieces or grab it from a flea market / ebay one of these days. Same for the blue go-cart that appeared in the same period of time. those 2 are absolute classic for me.

I just love those old sets *wub*

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That is adorable! *wub* Thanks for the great review. I should be able to make this from spare parts.....

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Thank you very much for that neat blast from the past, Widdi! What a very nice set! *y*

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