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Hello Space-Travellers!

The MOC I will present today was built some time back together with my children, who wanted to have a model of the USS Enterprise to play with:


So we decided to re-use an old Millenium Falcon to build the main part of the space ship:


We managed to get the basic shape alright, but in terms of stability the ship was a nightmare... :cry_sad:


The weight of the main part was a challenge. The ship was supposed to be able to stand on the ground without tipping over.


(Don't worry, I'll show the crew in a later post)


As counterbalance the back of the ship also had to become heavy. I.e. I had to use as many bricks as possible to add weight. (And this is why it does not look so good...)

The front part of the ship could be separated from the back as you can see by means of technic bricks. That was reasonably stable.

A lot of SNOT technique was used for the engine room.

There was also room for a small shuttle:


So, for a while, my kids were happy (and I had actually dreamt of a playable Enterprise since I was a kid myself).

However, after a while I felt I had to redesign the ship because of the mechanical strain on several parts of the construction.

(And I did not like the drives).

This is why what I present to you is actually no more. :cry_sad:

Yet I thought it was worth while presenting (even if it has a kind of "this is not how to do it"-idea to it) as my 2000th post in this forum.

Thanks for watching!

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Fantastic work! :wub:

I love how the Enterprise turned out and the fact that you made an interior! :thumbup:

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