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What-if; Classic Race Cars

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Hi all,

When I originally made the MegaMOC 2014 Le Mans Series Racing diorama, I would have liked to do it with CLASSIC (1960-70) cars. But I simply didnt dare to do it; The cars seems extremely complex!

But lately, other builders have turned out some pretty impressive classic racecars. Here´s some "tests" of mine, to see what could have been, had I dared to go down this route;

First off, a Ford GT40, inspired a lot by GallardoLU´s do;





Okay; so the car is held deliberatly in a single tone. Lovely racing colours and stickers are not done for this "what-if" builds...

The car has taken quite some time to do, but -curiosly enough- the finished result does not use particulary complex constructions. Nothing illegal, and the car roll really well.

One of the important point of a GT40, is it´s height; This car is a stunning 3 plates lower than f.x. my McLaren F1 GTR!

(No, I doesnt fit a whole minifig...)

Second up, I tried to cram M.Cara´s fantastic Prosche 917K down to 6(7) wide. Here is the result;






Of course, no minifig can be seated here...

Car rolls very well, and construction is not illegal, although highly unorthodox (I mean; just look at some of the pieces used...)

The idea to use the white teeth, which curves exactly like a curved slope 1x4, comes from M.Cars´s car! (It´s the only place I´ve seen that used)

Needless to remind you all, that a heavy set of Martini Racing stickers REALLY does this construction a huge favour!!!

A last farewell photo of some of my latest cars together;



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Thanks for the shout out on the GT40, yours is very nice, i can see a good number of the same styling as mine but it's also very different and looks great! I might even have to copy the rear you built :grin:

also the Porsche 917K looks really good, I am still trying to work out a way to build one myself so I'll likely use yours as inspiration. now the real trick will be getting a fig into that car somehow....

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