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[SPC] - Cat A: The Royal Imperial Navy

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Lets be honest: Nobody likes pirates! They are a rotten bunch of the ugliest scum the Galaxy has ever seen. They don't respect the law, their spaceships are not economical friendly an they eat meat. And they will steal your highly earned money from intergalactic trade, financial bets and selling alien slaves to Disney Parks all over the milky way.

This has to stop now! (Fanfare! - Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer on iGalaxy):

The Imperial Council of the Royal Confederation of Merchendisia authorized the Royal Imperial Navy to wipe out any non-authorized and/or non-licensed Pirates in this part of the Galaxy.

16835227999_989d9fe88d_c.jpgRIN2 by jansued2, on Flickr

The military backbone of the RIN are the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Imperial Landing Corps. Those are soldiers with no mercy, trained and drilled during endless LAN Sessions in the Sony System or in the endless deserts of Wiii.

17021376765_ef49bab918_c.jpgP1070725 by jansued2, on Flickr

16401124233_312c9a3381_c.jpgP1070731 by jansued2, on Flickr

16833516988_2c417ae5a2_c.jpgP1070727 by jansued2, on Flickr

Every Space Trooper is equipped with an exoscelet-supported 30 MegaTöt - Multiversal UltraforceGun (MUG) made by Heckler and Koch (Sons). The Gun analyses with his psychic sensors the intention, near future planning and moral values of any potential enemy. With a minimum of two PD (Potiential Dislikes) fullfilled, the Gun chooses the best typ of grenade or projectiles and eliminates the target. The PD Forecast has a precision of 200 Zuckerbergs!

16835031019_6bf6c53403_c.jpgP1070741 by jansued2, on Flickr

The Squad Commander is an excellent military leader with experience of more than 200 Editions of COD and MOH. Nearly all Virtual Training Partners deleted themselves - thats where his tactical name comes from: CtrlAltDel. At actual battles who was seen leading his troops as close as 100miles from behind the battelfield - an unmatched role modell in modern military!

16833774910_5100122d35_c.jpgP1070721 by jansued2, on Flickr

17021301795_95cbca390a_c.jpgP1070722 by jansued2, on Flickr

To complete the firepower of the Anti Pirate Squad we added the prototype of the V-DOG (Very destructive offensive gun). The V-Dog has nearly the same psychologic accuracy as the MUG - but this isn't really necessary because the High Council gave us an exemption according genocides and other liberal rulings.

16995305566_5aa10bd506_c.jpgP1070723 by jansued2, on Flickr

Besides the use of military force, we also sending an Special Local Area Governor with every Squad. He represents our High Council and will use all kinds of diplomatic force to elimante any support for piratry. He is authorized to proceed a full SMWO (Social Media Wipe Out) of every individual or company that doesn't comply to the law or the Disneyian copyright constitution

17021260805_d1fd1dabe3_c.jpgP1070733 by jansued2, on Flickr

16835059699_33bdaf6781_c.jpgP10707342 by jansued2, on Flickr

16995256156_b00e1589f1_c.jpgP1070737 by jansued2, on Flickr

Oh yes - and then there is - ahem - this person. This is the daughter of or SLAG, Berlina Hilton. No comment on her because there are some parental issues. We strongly recommend to keep away from her, there are rumors of pirate collaboration and using Non-Apple devices.

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I know it will sound strange but for some reason they remind me SW Naboo stuff...and they are awesome crew! :thumbup:

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Very funny! Great colours, but are you sure these are the good guys? They're too awesome to be the good guys.

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