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Hey everyone!

I've finally decided to start my own thread, rather than piggy-back someone else's.

Frankly, I need help with this:

I'm trying my hand at remaking the classic 7760, with full PF components (lights too!) for a while now, but have hit a wall.

The problem lies with the cab windows, and my current solution looks terrible in real bricks...


I threw together an LDD moc up of what I currently have, and earnestly hope that you can provide me with something insightful!


Thanks in advance,


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It helps to put the pictures in your post, makes it a bit easier to read. Ever noticed that arrow icon in the bottom right of a Flickr page? Click it, choose BBCode and Medium, 500 x nnn. Copy the link and paste it here:


7760 (10) by M_slug357, on Flickr

The Brickshelf folder isn't public yet so I can't see your window solution. Why not put your LDD project on Flickr? Just take a screenshot and upload it, then you can put it into your post the same way as the photo.

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I believe that your door has blue transparent glass. You could go with airplane windows, and either elect for the third spits in the windows with the transparent blue glass or just use two and go pillars on either side.

If it was me, I would have the train inspired by the 7760 and put a two stud gap between two 2 X 2 windows and then have a 1 X 2 jumper tile come out the middle directly on top of the direction switch for the train and mount the little stack on that.

I like this project. I would also encourage one of those train gates in the front of the train to replace the caution stripe brick on the original.

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Thanks Duq for the help with the bbcode, I never knew that was there!

Here's a screen grab from LDD:

17174254865_cbb4ca738d.jpg7760 cab by M_slug357, on Flickr

I'm wondering if anyone has a way to make the windows wider, but not too much taller?

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