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Hello guys and girls,

here is another MOC from me:

[MOC] Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike








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Looks great! I love all the details you crammed in using black parts. I love the sleek body shape, and great use of that corner piece. It looks a bit oversized for minifig, but nonetheless it's still a great piece of work. Keep it up!

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Thanks for comments!

It is indeed relatively a little bigger than it should be to be exactly to the scale with a minifigure.

This is a general problem with vehicles of this size, because minifigures are not humans. Their

heads are relatively very large compared to humans and legs are on the other hand much shorter.

Thus I have tried to find the balance between as small size as possible that could still make the

right and accurate shapes visible and spare all the details, but in a manner that the result wouldn't look too big for

a minifigure.

In addition, as Emmet knows, it is a little hard to make X-jumps when you are a minifigure... ; )

I didn't take the comparative picture, but it is equally long as the official speeder bike, so I have

no personal pressure to make it any smaller. I have the same policity over my other MOCs,

too. What I find important is the constancy in size so that all the MOCs would look like they were from the same

sized "world".


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The look, shape, and detailing are all fantastic. I too wish that the minifig could "ride" it, but sometimes you have to make choices.

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