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The only man who can save Iron man's sole is the mighty Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange. By traveling into the spirit of Tony Stark can Dr. Strange be able to defeat the manifest embodying Iron man? Or will the Avengers have to start looking for someone else to pay the rent?

Directed, Animated, Written, and Music composed by Tristan Kilmer


Ivan Fuentes as Dr Strange

Sean Polite as Dormammu

SuperKaiokenX as Captain Amercia

A. Wash aka FatsVoices as J. Jonah Jameson

Mike Debonis as Iron Man

Jack Renard as Hawkeye

NeonIcyWings as Wolverine

Hypervoiceacting as Thor

Michael Carney as John Constantine

Jack Rizzo as Epoch

Why is Wolverine with the Avengers? Find out in the Avengers and X-Men team up here:

How did Iron Man fall into Ultrons control? See the beginning here:

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Thanks for watching!

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