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Trading Custom MARVEL Minifigures

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For details on my customs and pictures link here:


• AoU AVENGERS FIGS *(new, no defects, knicks or misprints please)*

• AoU Captain America

• AoU Nick Fury

• AoU Baron von Strucker

• AoU Black Widow

• AoU Iron Man *(Mark 45)*

• AoU Vision

• AoU Quicksilver

• AoU Ultimate Ultron

• AoU Iron Legion

• AoU Ultron Sentry

• AoU Ultron Sentry Officer

• AoU Ultron MK 1

• Electro *(polybag)*

• GotG - Rocket Raccoon *(polybag)*

• GotG - Starlord *(closed shirt)*

• GotG - Gamora

• GotG - Drax

• GotG - Ronan

• GotG - Nova Corps

• TLG CMF Pizza Guy

• TLG CMF Bart Simpson

• Other custom MARVEL figs considered


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It won''t let me start a topic.... so figured I'd share my collection for sale in some threads.

With all due respect, you had better delete your post unless you want to risk getting a ban.

You simply cannot circumvent new account posting rules by hi-jacking other people's threads.

Not to mention it is totally uncool.

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