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70413 The Brick Bounty  

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Very nice review. The pictures were excelent as well, but im glad that you adressed the low number of crew members acompanying the set. It bothered me that we didn't get to have 2 or 3 more of them. Also wished we had 2 more cannons (for the other side) Overall though id say im very impressed with this set and as a result of that have no buyers remorse.

I cn attest to that! No buyer's remorse here either. I also placed an ancient PF light system on (back from 1992 if i remember correctly) and black sails, as Xmas decoration. Now it is lit side by side with my Xmas tree :P

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Well, I never said I had any buyer's remorse either! pirate_classic.gif It is still a pretty solid set, the minifigs are excellent, and it's always good to have some more hull pieces and masts (I'm still not a fan of those sails though). I've taken mine apart and probably will use the hull to build something similar in size.

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