Borgia Tower (Assassin's Creed Brotherhood)

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I’m presenting you my next MOC. This time I choose Borgia Tower from game Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood:


16597579337_a5463d36d9_s.jpg 16804902635_36f9f00f73_s.jpg 16618733529_65bf74f8b1_s.jpg 16597631077_ef6c06bb1c_s.jpg


The game was released in 2010 and it was first time ever when I was trying to follow the process of production as precisely as I could. It was the first time too, when I bought collector edition of the game. It takes second place in my private ranking of favourite games (the first place takes Assassin’s Creed III) and it is something special for my.

For those who don’t know the game: one of the main targets in the game is to relase Roma City from Borgia House occupation. Player relase each district of the city by burning the Borgia Tower and killing the Borgia Capitan. After that, district is free.


I didn’t wanted to build whole tower, so I decided to „cut” it.

The biggest challenge was to create roof. I was trying to reproduced Italian style, but after many failed attempts, I decided to apply the most simple solution: plates 1x1.



I’m very proud of scaffolding:


16804894845_91af8e340d_s.jpg 16804896885_70ee0ce317_s.jpg 16803763371_4df4c3da1b_s.jpg

Largest surface of the Tower is build in traditional technique „brick on brick”:


Here is the orginal screen from the game:


Also, I wolud like to show you a photo which I posted few days ago on my flickr canal, as a preview of this MOC:


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Fantastic work! :classic:

I love the way you made the tower, the roof and the wagon!

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I like how you made the viewpoint. Very good representation of how the tower looks in the game to.

I would love if LEGO would make some of these sets. :thumbup:

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Great work, a very clean and well worked-out build, it really captures the feel of the game so well.

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