The Golden Partisans [Faction Mini Challenge]

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The Golden Partisans - The new 13th Legion of Ulandus?

Somewhere in the deserts of Kaliphin, a small group of soldiers has setup their camp. Hidden from the eyes of their foes these warriors are taking a quick rest from the past struggles, looking forward to heroic deeds in the future. Will first Centurio hear about their doings for Ulandus?

Colours: Gold (secondary: "sand" / light yellow)

Mission: Guerilla Missions, particulary in the desert

Name: Golden Partisans


Overview of the small camp.


Backside of the camp.


The group's elven leader is drinking some refreshment, while her guard is trying to take a nap.


"The boy" is filling a bucket at the small hidden well they found in the desert. Well, actually it's hardly more than a hole in the ground, but water is what you need to survive under the sun!


Some supplies of the warriors.


The whole squad of the "Golden Partisans" as CMFs.

Full Album with three more photos can be found here.

I plan on adding the following over the next couple of days:

* the camp at night

* some facts about the squad (colour, history, races, mission, equipment)

* single characters with some proper background stories

* two more scenes about their heroic deeds after leaving the camp

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Great tents, and you really captured a busy campsite atmosphere. Excellent desert landscape and figs too, approved :thumbup:

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Great desert camp! The limited color range is very effective here. And there's a lot going on in the scene.

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Awesome! The minifigures and the camp look great. Furthermore the tents look fantastic :classic:

Edited by Balbo

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My work computer is blocking that image hosting site, so I'll have to look at the pictures later...

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Absolutely amazing work with the tents!!!

Too bad the legion looks more like a clan, but I like the colour you choosed for them (Gold) as I preserverd those minifigs to be Ulandians :D

Approved btw!

Edited by Maxim I

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Thanks everyone for the kind words and positive feedback, glad to hear that. Also thanks for the approvals.

Too bad the legion looks more like a clan, but I like the colour you choosed for them (Gold) as I preserverd those minifigs to be Ulandians :D

This is actualy how I interpreted the challenge: Not to build an actual legion but the rise of a new one, which is not yet a legion. Also I wanted to create some characters, not just solider A, B, C. Still I see your point and agree, I've probably taken the variety within the group a bit too far and they may be too far away from a legion. I guess I have two more builds to work on this. ;-)

The characters (part 1)


Asirya Sh'ri Fayarenya

The elf Asirya is the leader of the group. Not only is she an excellent fighter, but what makes her stand out is her vision of what the future should look like. While others think about today and tomorrow, her goals lie years in the future. Once she was a gardener for the seventh legion, but that task did not satisfy her desire to achieve always more, nor did she like being restricted to a single task that she did not even enjoy. So she left the legion and started her quest to found her own army, where she intended to make things better. Why should a hunter, a sailor, an engineer and an assassin not cooperate? Isn't the variety of skills what sets the group above the individual? And why should a trustworthy and honorable leander be less suited for an army than a human or an elf? And why should a woman be worth any less than a man?

However, with all her unique thoughts, with all the insurgent tendencies and her very own ways of handling things, she has always stayed loyal to Ulandus above all else.



The Amazon warrior, while fierce in the battlefield, has a soft heart hidden under her hard shell. While she was not the first companion of Asirya, she has become her most important and valuable one, and also her most trusted advisor. For a long time the rumors have been heard that she is more than just an advisor, which hardly surprises considering all the nights the two spent in Asiryas tent "discussing the next steps".


Khalib bin Hjalman

The trained bodyguard was the first companion Asirya hired to assist her. The stern soldier regards protecting his leader as his prior duty above all else. He wouldn't hesitate for the fraction of a second to sacrifice himself.

Besides fulfilling his duty he has always been the voice of reason, getting Asirya back to the ground. Also he has been struggling for harder structures, more discipline and more uniformity within the unit. Not only did he introduce the golden armours, but he also started training Asiryas men and women, taught them to walk in lines, to salute, to hold their weapons up... However not yet with the success he has wanted to.

With Massara rising in their leader's standing, his council has become less and less valued over the weeks. So hardly does his cold attitude towards the amazon surprise.


The Herald

Some weeks ago Asirya and her company had set their camp in the desert and just lit a small fire, when an ageless man appeared at the edge of the camp, seemingly out of nowhere, with nothing but a trumpet in his hands. He asked for a meal, and he offered a story in return. His voice enchanted everyone who listened, and from that day onwards he has become a permanent companion, and every evening he sits at the fire and tells yet another story. Besides that his trumpet has become a means of communication for the unit. But where does he have all his knowledge from, not only of the history but also of life in the desert, of animals and plants, of the regions, cities, politics, of apparently everything?



Asirya met the grim man at a camel race, where he finished third out of 200 participants. That however was not what convinced the elven leader. It was the love with which he treated his camel for finishing among the best, alongside his dissatisfaction with his own performance of not being the best. While that evening the others celebrated, he inspected the race track once more and rode it again and again, until he knew he would now have won the race.

Asirya offered him a decent pay and gave him a perspective for his life. He accepted. Since then he has mainly served as a messenger and scout, a quick rider through the deserts and arid lands. Somesay that if he ever would be satisfied with himself and actually smiled, he must be one of the best looking man in the south. But why would he smile, as long as he has not yet reached perfection?

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