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Amir Navabi was at war.

The estranged son of one of the powerhouse families of Kaliphlin was angry, and he was showing it. His parents, for whom he had precious little respect, had sided with the High Council. Determined to defy the people he felt betrayed by, Amir had sided with Ulandus. And he was a more than capable fighter. He, along with some other Ulandian soldiers, had decided to take the aqueducts, as many as possible.


Using his superior ability, Amir forced the swordsman to jump into the river. The battle had been won, at least at this aqueduct. Now is where I come in.


"Good Pastnoon," I called.

"What are Vikings doing so far inland?" Amir questioned, looking curiously at the three of us.

"We were shipwrecked. We need a guide to take us north," I replied, curtly. The ship had encountered one of the worst storms I had ever known. We were lucky to be alive.


"Very well," Amir replied. "But it might be dangerous."

"Why," Rollo asked.

"No one has informed you. Kaliphlin is in Civil War," He told us.

"Gorlog's breath," I murmured. "Of all the times to be in Kaliphlin


Builder's notes: This build was a throw together, but I wanted to contribute SOMETHING to my side in the civil war. I would build more, but some unforeseen circumstances have stopped me. Sorry.

Author's notes: Same. The story was rushed, really just an excuse to explain why my Vikings are stuck in Kaliphlin.

For the Praise of His Glory!


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Vaddy noice! Amir's characterization could have been more well-shown, but as you said, this build was rushed.

My character Intro should be out in an hour or so. :)

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I like the mix of studs up and SNOT rockwork, very smooth :thumbup: The little section of aqueduct looks pretty good, but a tad too flat on top, a few irregularly placed cheese slopes or plates would add to the ruined look.

Approved :classic:

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I will start with approving the build as I can see you did some effort in it!

One very great remark neverthless: your aquaduct is bad... If you look to the last 2 pics, one can wonder how the water can continue streaming on the aquaduct without falling through the gaps!

You did a very great job with the minifig posing!

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Fig posing and terrain are good, but I agree with DM that the aqueduct seems to be a bit leaky :wink:

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