Razcal bin Azad [WZ4:H9, Desert King]

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Here is my entry to the WZ1, in the name of the Desert King.

The Desert King sent a lot of warriors to the Lonely Mountain Rumble. But one of the most famous was Razcal bin Azad. Born in the deserts of Kaliphin and grown up as a nomad in the endless sand, he was well known for his toughness. Armed with two masterly forged blades, and trained to use them like never seen before.


Getting into a real killing spree was no challenge for him, against those strange looking Ulandian Bugs.


By the way there is NO support for the figure, that might have been deleted with photoshop. The blade is hooked into the bugs teeth, that is everything holding the figure in the air.

(The next zone to attack should be B7)

Greets Disco

Edited by Disco86

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Very nice minifig and posing, Disco, though obviously it would be better if he wasn't fighting against the Ulanders :laugh:

Edited by Garmadon

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Thanks ! Cant wait to see how many and what kind of entries we weill see in this category. Waiting for some awesome kitbashs !

Top stuff - reminds me of the Egyptian units in Age of mythology !

I was a big fan of this game, and you are right that I might have to use this for inspiration. Hopefully I am going to find something awesome at google.

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