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General Approach to Presenting MOCs

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I don't make things very often (I haven't touched LDD or bricks for at least 4 months) and my activity on the forum comes and goes, but I've been thinking about how people present their MOCs. What makes a good presentation? Some people put lots of backstory with their MOCs, and others make videos. Perhaps it's just me, but I lack the patience to read lots of text or watch a video to see content that could have been summarized in just a few photos. I know what I like: a few photos of the MOC with a reference picture if necessary. That's how I tend to post the things that I make, too.

When you see a MOC, what are you interested in? A few photographs of the whole MOC, or many photos of all the details? Do you like to see videos? Do you like to read a story that tells the history of the building or scene you built?

Are there things you particularly like or particularly don't like? Is there anything I should change in the way I present my MOCs on the occasion I do build? Is there anything you would change about the way you present your MOCs?

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I believe it is an individual decision. I have seen presentations that have only a few photos that leave me wanting more, some short ones are OK depending on the MOC. I typically enjoy a presentation that has enough photos and description and photos to describe the MOC.

I like a good back story, or even a story that goes with the MOC. I like to be able to study the photos and really get a sense of the MOC, it can help me learn new techniques.

What I don't like are only video presentations, a good video as a supplement is OK, and can add to the pictorial and textual presentation, but a video only leaves me cold.

I don't mind long presentations, it just shows me how passionate the artist is with his or her MOC.


Andy D

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