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Rovers: The LG-2 and CS-0

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These two rovers were a lot of fun to build. I don't build sci-fi a lot, so this was a nice change from Castle. The little rover was especially interesting, as I used pretty much only grey for it, which limited my part selection.

The larger rover (the LG-2) has working steering, 'suspension,' and opening tailgates; while the smaller (CS-0) has a neat sample gatherer, moveable radar dish, and hinges between each section of the vehicle.







More pictures here:

C&C welcome :classic:

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Very creative I think.

You've included greebles, SNOT, rare parts(wheels?), inventive techniques, controls(!) :wub: , play features and a "nice" overall look on both rovers.

I especially like the CS-0 rover. It feels like a little lab. :thumbup:

The way you made the cargo for the LG-2 is unusual and cool, and the suspension seems well built.

The use of those clip fence pieces for the sides of the cargo area is something that I don't think I have seen before, but is it study?


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Excellent rovers! I especially like the CS-O, the use of old gray works really well :thumbup: I also really like how it swivels.

Great use of those wheels and the landscape is neat :classic:

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