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Kirin Dance (but not lion dance)

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You may have heard about Chinese lion dance which is a festive activity of the Chinese lunar new year.

Indeed, kirin dance is another option, though it is less popular.

The LEGO community has also proved this -- perhaps I am the first guy to build this but quite a number have built lion dance (according to google ^^).

For your informaton, kirin is a mythical creature. Asian people believe it can wipe out evil spirits and bring lucks.





After all, [though you may not be Asians] happy lunar new year and wish you joyful and healthy all the time! Cheer!

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Um, whut? Kirin is giraffe in Japanese...


The mythical creature, for which the Kirin beer company is named, is more often transliterated from Chinese as qilin... :)

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It looks very festive !

kung hei fat choi skcheung

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You are not wrong... but I think further elaboration is necessary.

China and Japan are neighbours and they shared similar culure historically. 4-5 centuries ago giraffes were just imported to the Orient and someone gave them the name "kirin", supposedly because they (kirin and giraffe) also have short horns.

Gradually China stopped calling giraffe as "kirin" and named them directly after their appearnce-- literally "long neck dear". Japan might keep this name (kirin), to this I know no further.

Another thing that may interest you-- the world "qilin" put forward by you is no different from "kirin". They are transliterated from the same Chinese characters. Perhaps, I guess, it is due to difference in accents.

Thanks!!! Kung Hei Fat Choi also!!!

Stay healthy and smart!!!

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