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I've been searching for some nice bench-designs, which i can place on my WIP Modular City Square... recently i saw a really nice bench, designed by a EB-member with a somewhat italian name... I simply cannot find it anywhere here on EB, and i'm sure he posted pictures.. The legs were made of black parts, that is the only thing i remember... and i remember that i liked it a lot! Is there anyone who knows what i mean, and better, can post the pictures of the bench again... ?? It had a kind of victorian style..... Hope to hear from anyone soon!

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I think you're talking about the benches from kevin8:


If those aren't the ones you thought of - check them out, they're awesome :)

Yep, those were the ones i was looking for, although i had them somewhat different in my mind! But thanks, now i can see what i do..either borrow the idea, or change them a bit...! And Kevin8 has a italian looking maffia guy as a profile-picture....that was my link with italy... :grin:


Serpico's amazing city square?



I was inspired with this square indeed, but i was looking for benches to place in my own Modular Square City...thanks anyway!

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