Galaxy Patrol Exo-Suit (using only Glowkies Mixels)

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An Exo-Suit made for the Galaxy Patrol minifig using only parts from the Glowkies (Series 4 - Mixels): Globert (41533), Vampos (41534) and Boogly (41535).

I think it turned out pretty great! I even managed to built a slightly enclosed cockpit. The cockpit also features a neural link for the pilot to control the exo-suit! :D I also used the glow-in-the-dark eyeball head to give my Galaxy Patrol mini a glowing visor. :)

16612337456_11181a7319_z.jpg 16637254562_812136f7b2_z.jpg 16450862440_7f65ef0cd3_z.jpg 16638268245_733fe7e565_z.jpg 16612332906_b37b274b64_z.jpg 16450864630_bac72508cc_z.jpg 16452092699_9d686abb16_z.jpg 16430967817_e7fdf6f8de_z.jpg 16637258742_af4a829884_z.jpg 16430974207_bd8b9fe7d4_z.jpg

More pics:

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Sweet build! Now i have to buy some glowkies.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! They really are a great series. :)

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