[MOC] Classic American Semi Truck: My First MOC!

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Hello everybody! I making this topic to showcase my first ever real MOC. I have made things before, but never something exceeding 20cm in length before, or something complex. This MOC is inspired by those beautiful long-nose semi trucks I see on the road everyday here in Canada. I am also inspired by the works of 2LegoOrNot2Lego and Sariel, two people who I say make some of the best trucks out of Lego, visually and technically. For my MOC, I used LDD since I do not have many parts for a semi truck in general, and money wise, I can't afford much right now. This is also my first time using LDD. I have no clue how to use those more advanced programs like LDraw. I am rendering better photos (POV) for my MOC, and an in-depth description of my MOC will follow shortly, but here are some crude teasers :D


I made 2 models. One black and one red. Visually, they look the same, except for the color, but internally, they are a bit different.


Can you guys guess what features this truck will have? This is my first real MOC, so it is a bit simplistic, but you can still give it a shot! Don't be disappointed to find out it will probably not have most of the extravagant function you guys will hope for :P

Aside from the teaser pictures, I didn't make this post for nothing :D I have a questions to ask. I used LDD to make these trucks, and it allows me to generate instructions. But how can I convert the animated instructions into some readable copy? Like a PDF or something, something I can print? I am never gonna sell anything, so I also want to have a PDF file for you guys!

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I would think the features would be drive, steer, remotely locking fifth wheel, and maybe a two speed gearbox. It looks good for a first MOC, and I can't wait to see more pictures.

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Oh man, I don't meet expectation at all. But remember, those are the new 49.5mm x 20mm wheels, not the normal truck wheels people use that are 62.4mm. x 20mm (as seen on 8285), meaning this truck isn't a huge hulking monster. I wanted to make this MOC compact and not too big so people can easily afford the pieces. I also made the trucks out of modern pieces (pieces that are used since 2012), so people don't have to go hunting for ancient pieces or buy expensive old pieces/colors of pieces from bricklink. So, the L-motor version has 1247 pieces while the XL-motor version has 1240 pieces (but I may update some designs soon, so the pieces count may reach 1300, which I don't want to exceed). Sorry for the basic images right now, I am rendering some good ones on POV Ray, but it takes hours per image since my laptop isn't the fastest out there.


- Inspired by set 8285. This MOC itself is very TLG styled

- Studless, compact and rigid design

- Comes in three colors: Red, Black, and limited edition Winter White (each for version 1.2 and 1.3)

- 1240 pieces

- Full RC


- Manually opening bonnet/hood

- Manually opening doors

- Adjustable mirrors (I did not add any antennas, because it made it look ugly)

- Full RC, using 2 IR receivers and basic IR remote (I am designing a better version using the IR speed controller)

- Truck version 1.2 uses L-motor for drive, and is 6 x 4, meaning all 4 wheels in back turn with separate differentials

- Truck version 1.3 uses XL-motor to drive

- Features servo motor to steer, and m-motor to switch 2-speed gearbox

- Version 1.2: 1st gear = 11.7:1 ratio, 2nd gear = 3.9:1 ratio

- Version 1.3: 1st gear = 6.5:1 ratio, 2nd gear = 2.3:1 ratio

- Also feature a concept lockable fifth wheel, very simple and compact in design. But still not sure if it is 100% fool-proof

Here is the Winter White version.


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Can you give us more/better angles of the trucks?

Yup, I promise more high quality photos. I am just tweaking things/adding details. I am also working with the instructions and trying to fix that. I may actually submit this model for LEGO IDEAS, so I am trying to polish this creation as much as possible :D

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Well, here are some pics from other angles of the truck!




You can see a gap between the universal joints in the first picture because I don't know how to attach the 4L axle between them when they have an angle on LDD. I can't get the angles to line up so the axle will fit through them. But, that gap means an axle is suppose to be there.

I hope this isn't just a problem with me, but it is taking more than 3 hours just to render the custom remote control I made for this truck on Pov Ray. Is that normal? Remote only uses 59 pieces...My PPS was 700 when it was clearing up the rough edges, but it dropped to 66 when it came to fine tuning rendering.

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Wow, those trucks look really cool. It's taking a lot of time for my pc to finish the renders from LDD too, especially for bigger resolutions of images.

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