Classic Space Fleet - Dreadnought class battle cruiser

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I did not make this. Eurobricks user named Sunnyx created the original LEGO model, a Star Craft "Battlecruiser" in July 2010. (Here is a picture of that version: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=4569048 ) I downloaded it today and made it into Classic Space colors, along with some changes to the engines, plus the addtion of a Classic Space logo (unprinted here, but this part in real life: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=30363pb021 ) on the front, just above the fighter hanger. (This model is designated to be for my brother, Austin, and his classic space fleet. It may or or may not be built, as it has an quite large 1380 parts!)



Designed and built right after the first Blacktron War and before the formation of the Space Police, the "Dreadnought" class was designed to take the punishment of any Blacktron wepaon developed up to 1989 and give back the punishment in triplicate. The Dreadnought class numbered only five strong when 1991 rolled around, bringing the Blacktron (this time the Future Generation, successors to the original Blacktron) back into war with the Space Police and Classic Space. The Blacktron forces received a pounding from the Dreadnoughts, but not before finding a way around the 1989-vintage scanner systems and destroying the original Dreadnought with a concentrated barrage on the hyperdive system. (a weak spot for the Dreadnoughts is the four hyperdrives, located on the above and below the main wings on the left and right sides) The end of the second war and the supposed erasing of the Blacktron scourge meant that over the next 10 years many Classic Space leaders promised to decommission the Dreadnoughts, but they stayed put, slowly becoming more outdated as the years went by. Only after the Neo-Blacktron sightings and Benny the-1980-something space guy coming to head the Classic Space fleet did the task of revitalizing and revamping the Dreadnoughts get finished.

As of 2015, the four Dreadnought's remaining are being surpassed by Super Dreadnoughts, the first of five will be coming off the assembly line sometime in the near future, probably within 2 years.


The rear of the ship, with it's four main sub-light drives.

The ship features a hanger for smaller fighter ships on it's nose, which can hold up to 20 "Galaxy" class deep space fighters, plus their is space in a secondary hanger for 15 exo-suits. The unlucky Blacktron ships caught in the crosshairs of this mega ship would be subject to 70 laser cannons spread through out the ship's superstructure, 10 tractor beam ports that are mostly situated around the bow, and two retractable Ion cannons located on both left and right wings, in between the hyperspace engines.


Top view. The frontal wings hold the star fighter bays, while the rear wings hold the hyper and sublight engines.

LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1424445098m.lxf

Comments welcome!

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It looks like a Battlecruiser from StarCraft.

Read the description. It is a recolor and slight modification of StarCraft Battlecruiser made by EB user Sunnyx.

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I want the same... at minifig scale. :D

That would be something to see, but my poor computer would probably drop dead if I tried to do that.

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