REVIEW: 71009 LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series 2

LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 2  

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Hello everyone,

I really felt it was not too long ago since we last seen the new LEGO Minifigures Series release. It is indeed time flies and I also realised that it was exactly a year ago when I reviewed the brand new concept of the first LEGO Simpsons Series in March 2014. Now, we are back with the next sequel of the LEGO Simpsons Minifigures which will be a huge thrill to Simpsons fans and supporters. Please pardon my lack of strong knowledge competency of The Simpsons if I had fail to mention or identify critical components relating to the design. I have also rely heavily on The Simpsons Wiki Resources (thank you!).

Before I begin this lengthy detailed pictorial review, I would like to give my sincere thanks and deepest appreciation to The LEGO Group (TLG) which include the LEGO CEE and LEGO Collectable Minifigures Design Team for continuing to facilitate and providing me this very exclusive precious rare opportunity to gain access to this incredible elusive new release which allow me to preview an early insightful view before many others could. It also allows me to have moderate spare time to work, evaluate and review this absolute amazing newly minted LEGO Minifigures Theme of the LEGO Simpsons Series 2. As a Reviewer, this opportunity is an absolute great honour and I am exceptionally thankful for everything that you guys have rendered to this support. Till this date, I have actually completed 16 exhaustive LEGO Pictorial reviews including this current review, solely for the coverage of the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series / LEGO Minifigures Theme throughout the past four years plus, coming to five years pretty soon. :wub:

I would like to thank to Eurobricks Staff/LEGO Ambassador, CopMike and my entire fellow Eurobricks Staffers for being so helpful to this 'WhiteFang' traditional LEGO Collectable Minifigures (CMFs) reviewing endeavour. I am very glad that this ongoing reviewing project is still being continued after all these years.

I must also thank my beloved spouse, Kim/Belun for being there and supportive throughout this challenging reviewing period! Seriously without her support to give the blessings of doing a project like this that take away many weekends and sleepless nights, one must really thank and reward the wife for being so understanding and supportive. Otherwise, this review will never be make as a reality. It is important to have family and your loved ones to support the stuff that you have enjoyed doing and it also means include doing up LEGO pictorial reviews which is no easy feat.

I am truly very pleased that I am able to able to continue to share this very special reviewing achievement with all of you, especially the support of Eurobricks Community. I hope I have not disappointed most of you in this lengthy review, if so, I will like to offer my humble apologies and I really hope I can continue to meet your expectations for this exclusive reviewing coverage.

As the Eurobricks tradition depicts, let's do a formal re-cap for all of the past Eurobricks Collectable Minifigures polls once more. It started with a humble beginning of Series 1 followed by Series 2 in the year 2010 and it continue to spread like wildfire with another three strong waves of minifigures craze in the year 2011, putting Series 3, Series 4 and Series 5 in an excellent harvesting year. In the year 2012, we celebrated with Series 6, Series 7 and recent Series 8. With the beginning of the year 2013, we have the recent Series 9, Series 10 and Series 11. In 2014, we have seen the LEGO Movie Series, The first LEGO Simpsons Series and Series 12. Now in the year of 2015, we have done the Series 13 and now I would like to invite the Eurobricks Community to cast their votes into this complete brand new LEGO Simpsons Series 2 poll statistics as well.

Name: 71009 LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2

Theme: LEGO System / Collectable Minifigures / The LEGO Simpsons

Year: 2015

Minifigs: 16 unique minifigures

Price for 1 box: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A

Price for 1 packet: USD N.A, GBP N.A, EURO N.A, SGD N.A

Resources: Brickset, BrickLink

An image of an 71009 LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2


The LEGO Minifigures for the new LEGO Simpsons Series 2 main colour schema stayed close with the original first LEGO Simpsons Series. It retain the original sky blue colour which is associated closely with the overall opening sequence of the animated sitcom. The new difference to represent the Series 2, is one quarter of the box reveal a yellow background with small repeated circles to differeniate from Series 1 and Series 2. In another way, the usage of yellow colour also kind of remind me of the first LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series. Although I am unable to showcase all of my LEGO Collectable Minifigures boxes altogether in a single shot which will be very huge and challenging to take, but I managed to did some basic photo editing to showcase the two series side by side in the next image.

[Reference 1]

[Reference 2]

[Reference 3]

[Reference 4]

The LEGO Simpsons Series 1 released in 2014 and now in 2015, we see the new LEGO Simpsons Series 2


What could possibly contain within these mysterious sealed packets?


The great sensational brand new detailed LEGO Simpsons Minifigures


The LEGO Minifigures for the LEGO Simpsons Series 2 is slated for worldwide release on the 1st April 2015 or 1st May 2015. As before, I do not have the information of the official launch date for different regions, but I strongly believed this is more or less to be considered an accurate range for this launch. To be honest, I wasn't expecting any new LEGO Simpsons Series ever since the first last year and now it appears that TLG is totally committed to the growth of LEGO Simpsons as a whole. Apart from the first LEGO Simpsons Series, 71006 The Simpsons House in 2014, we are going to get this brand new series 2 to extend the whole range of released characters in Series 1 and new supporting characters in Series 2 to supplement the whole LEGO Simpsons. It is practically like an increase in population count in Springfield. Likewise, we are also anticipating the new mega Simpsons set, other than 71016 Kwik-E-Mart. This is evidently shown at the back of the promotional poster in the packet, including a close-up look of introducing a new character as Snake Jailbird.

Seeing this brand new series will definitely thrill and excite many Simpsons fans out there, with characters not being made possible through the release of regular LEGO sets. I think this is going to be like a partial full released theme with the support of two direct-to-consumers sets being released and 32 different characters designs for this theme which is massively large in numbers. Kudos to the LEGO CMFs Design Team for outdo themselves once more with the array of unique designs, accessories and extremely detailed head sculpting. It is no easy feat but the quality of these minifigures speak alot for themselves.

To refresh a little for those who are unsure what is this all about. The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 is based on the popular and timeless American adult animated sitcom in the 1980s, known as The Simpsons. It is originally created by Matt Groening. The series is a satirical parody of a middle class American lifestyle epitomized by its family of the same name, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The animated sitcom is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society, television, and many aspects of the human condition.

Please do note that the naming that I have use for this review are official TLG minifigures naming for the LEGO Minifigures for the LEGO Simpsons 2. So, there is absolute no doubt or misinterpretation on the naming used.

Front view comparison with the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 packet and together with all available LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 1 to 13 and LEGO Movie packets


By placing all of the 16 different minifigures packets together excluding the LEGO Team GB packet. I did not include the LEGO Team GB packet as it is not considered as part of the mainstream and I am aware that they are others who hold a different opinion. For the purpose of this review, I have decided to exclude it. From the above image, you will see an impressive transformation over the past five years. Isn't it amazing to be able to view these packet designs from an aerial view.

Do take a closer look at these following images. This is the front view of the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 packet, while this shows the back view of it. This is an image that shows the back view comparison for all of these packets.

To the regular readers of my traditional LEGO CMFs review, you will probably notice that this paragraph is something which I have highlight again and again, because I personally felt that it is the most effective method to acquire the highly sought minifigures without taking any drastic measures. Therefore, I am going to highlight this 'same' golden rule, which has been mentioned in my previous reviews. If you are intending to narrow the precious and hard-to-find minifigures that you are bending to collect, please continue to hone the touch and feel method. It is a useful skill set to acquire and locate the minifigures that you want without wasting additional money to randomly acquire them especially when you are intending to buy large quantities. Your sole mission is to memorise and remember the minifigures assortments for each of the specialised designs. Isolate and identify the most unique accessory or accessories that appeared for the particular minifigure. From there, eliminate the torso, head and legs away and feel for other parts. The only disadvantage of this method is much idle time will be most likely wasted if the minifigures that you are seeking for does not exist in the box or ending up having sore numb thumbs after feeling. I personally felt that this approach is the most practical that works the best for me than any other uncommon approaches.

LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 1 and 2 packets


To be very honest, I wasn't expecting to see a second series of The Simpsons when I finished the first series of The Simpsons. It is such a strange feeling to be seeing this theme re-appear in the LEGO Minifigures Theme. Likewise, it also shows the strong distinct characteristics of these packet designs as it kind of brought out the Simpsons' flavours out of the design of LEGO minifigures. It is also able to show the constant design and similar association from one series to another. Well, the 'Series 2' wording can be found at the bottom left hand corner of the packet to readily identify this upcoming series.

Front view of the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 promotional poster


Back view of the LEGO Minifigures – The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 promotional poster


As you flipped to the back of the The LEGO Simpsons Series 2 promotional poster, you are able to view a teaser of the upcoming 71016 Kwik-E-Mart set which is most likely to be released in the same period of the Series 2 release. Well, I was hoping that the teaser could actually reflect the upcoming new set release instead of The Simpsons House. On a good note, we can see some new re-hash characters design of Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and Chief Wiggum and, also a brand new character which is Snake Jailbird.

1) Presenting Homer in his best suit and tie


Starting off with the first character of this Series 2, it is no surprise that the usual main Simpsons cast is back. This time, our Homer Simpson who is the main protagonist of the show is back in a very different unusual appearance. This design will also be his third different outfit. I don't really know why an lazy and ignorant individual like himself could bother and concern of his self image by putting on his best suit and tie. This puzzled me greatly until I saw the next character design after this feature which likely to explain that Homer is preparing himself for a big date. Could it be a wedding anniversary celebration or Valentine Day especially when Homer is actually holding a nicely wrapped heart-shaped looking present.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is slightly above average. It is not a bad design in terms of the best suit outfit even though in real life, I could certainly prefer the suit in black or grey looking. The torso for the design best suit is a good variant to change around those regular black boring suits and this give lots of vibrant in the colours selection. The new heart-shaped looking present is a nice printed 2x2 tile which has a nice and lovely symbolism to present it to your loved ones. I am confident that this part will be quite useful for building up a nice Valentine LEGO MOC, for example. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Before and After


Maggie, what do you think of this present?


We have the finest red wine


Best suit and tie for my important date ever


2) Presenting Marge in a fancy dress


Well, it is no surprise that Marge Simpson will accompany Homer for this returning compilation. In fact, before any of these minifigures information were made known, I briefly mentioned that the main characters would not be returning for a repeated series. I was proven wrong by my spouse and my friend. It is like how can a Simpsons Series 2 not include the main stars? I am glad that Marge also come in a different variant where she is seen wearing a fancy dress. The design complements with Homer in his best suit and tie which certainly imply clearly that the both are going for their wedding anniversary celebration or Valentine Day.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is not too bad at all. It comes with a orange cloth skirting with applied make-up on Marge's appearance. The stalk of flower is a standard LEGO rose and eventually you will end up a spare petal. However, if you get a box and use the spares accordingly, you should end up one full petals intact in the original state due to the distribution outcome. I strongly prefer the design of the long navy blue designer wallet. It looks real classy and posh. It fits well in our urban City minifigures and also able to create new accessory for the ladies. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Regular outfit versus doll-up outfit


Best couple outfit ever


A date at the amusement park


3) Presenting Lisa with Snowball II


The next character which we be seeing is a re-hash design of Lisa Simpson. This time, she is wearing a sweet pink dress. I do not know how did this outfit come about in the Simpsons animated sitcom but it does real nice and lovely for Lisa to be dressing in pink instead of her usual red attire.

However in this packet, the other main focus would be Snowball II. Snowball II was the Simpson family's second cat. It has black fur with greenish yellow eyes but our LEGO version of Snowball II comes in medium grey. The first Snowball was a white cat but it got hit in an accident. Subsequently, the original Snowball II was also hit and killed. To avoid confusion, subsequent cats retained the name of Snowball II.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is not too impressive for Lisa Simpson. It just comes with a pink cloth skirting. There is a slight variant on Lisa's appearance which include an addition of a pink ribbon near her forehead. The main attraction for me is getting Snowball II. I hate to said it, but I really felt Snowball II appeal better than Lisa as you could help to complete the Simpsons household together with Santa's Little Helper which I will bring to your attention later. Even though it may look cartoonish and does not fit well in typical LEGO settings, but the fact that it can capture the cartoonish feeling so well could be consider a designer achievement. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Different outfits for Lisa


Can I ask you to be my date again?


All dressed up for the school costume party


4) Presenting Maggie with Santa's Little Helper


The adorable and likely to be potentially dangerous to other, Maggie Simpson is back. Maggie is very adorable and I believe some of you could feel very bored to see it being repeated almost completely the same for the third time. This minifigure design seems ridiculously identical to the Maggie Minifigure in the 71006 Simpsons House and I am wondering if it is just an attempt to exhaust the remaining parts. Even though the torso is very suitable to create baby and toddler design among the LEGO minifigure population and the colour scheme is generic enough to do so, but this is the first time I notice little or zero variants in the design aspect for the LEGO Minifigures design even though you could argue that Santa's Little Helper is a great addition but not to the minifigure in this case.

In this case, we are buying this packet for the sole reason of wanting to get Santa's Little Helper, a greyhound who is the Simpson family's dog. It has been there throughout the Simpsons animated series. Some interesting bit of its background, Homer needed to buy Christmas present but only have small amount of Christmas money which he made working as a Santa at the Springfield Mall and he decided to bet all of it at the dog track. Homer had inside information on what dog was going to win, but instead bet on the "long shot," Santa's Little Helper, believing his name to be a sign. Santa's Little Helper finished last, and his frustrated owner abandoned him. Homer and Bart brought him home, and everyone was so happy with the dog that it was a Merry Christmas after all.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is nothing too spectacular. It has just a slight variation on the eye movement by staring blankly instead of rolling upwards. The main reason of getting this packet is definitely getting the LEGO version of Santa's Little Helper. It is done very accurately with its lean body design and the outcome of the final production is certainly nicely made. It is also able to place Maggie on top of Santa's Little Helper without falling down. You are able to view the back view of the similar Maggies.

Can you spot the difference?


Main pets in The Simpsons household


The Simpsons Family


5) Presenting Bart as Bartman


The next re-hash for Bart Simpson turns out to be unexpectedly pleasant. I didn't really expect to see the alter-ego of Bart as Bartman which in a way can be very similar to Batman. His superhero outfit is very awesome and it does remind me of the movie Kick megablocks to a great extent since it is all about a person dressing up and posing as superhero. In a nutshell, this happened when Homer and Bart attended a comic book convention, they did not know by dressing as a superhero could entitled to discounts. Bart quickly ran into a phone booth and put on a mask and cape calling himself "Bartman", well it still ends up that Bart still had to pay full-price. He also told a story of Bartman when trying to convince everyone that revenge is great.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is excellent. Apart from the nicely crafted purple short cape which is designed for short-legs minifigures, you also get a chance to own an actual LEGO slingshot. These accessories are very versatile and could be used in many other LEGO customisations for our minifigures. Bart's headpiece is also covered with purple mask which definitely covered all around his face which evidently can be seen from his back view and side view. I simply loved this simple superhero outfit which can be easily retrofit onto others. Bartman will be seen matched up together with the next character, Fallout Boy.

Bart? A comic superhero?


Bartman, we would like to invite you to join the Avengers programme


6) Presenting Milhouse as Fallout Boy


When we just seen Bartboy earlier, we also have Milhouse Van Houten in his re-hash alter-ego of Fallout Boy. It amazed me that we have a sidekick, not to be confused with Batman's sidekick Robin. Fallout Boy is the sidekick in the comic book series, Radioactive Man. Fallout Boy was an average bookworm, until one day he met Radioactive Man at a radioactivity convention where a freak accident happens and he gotten some of his powers in the process. In this case, Milhouse was chosen to play Fallout Boy until he was replaced unfortunately. Somehow, Milhouse still adore his role very much and could imagine himself being one.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is very good. Other than the newly crafted lime green short cape, you actually get a chance to own the Buzz Cola which is the equivalent Coca Cola in real life. I just can't imagine how much details is being shrunk into just a regular LEGO can-sized drink which is a first of its kind. The details of Milhouse apperance is done very nicely and you can see it from the back view and side view. This design simply complements very well and you have another child alike superhero-wannabe. I am equally fond of this character very much.

Different identities for Milhouse


The dynamic duo - Bartman and Fallout Boy


We would like to invite you to join the Justice League


Hands up where I can see it high


Alter-ego super powered personalities


7) Presenting Comic Book Guy


This is the first brand new Simpsons character. Let us get to know the Comic Book Guy or also known as Jeffrey Albertson. He is the overweight, geeky proprietor of the comic book store, The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop. He is a sarcastic and insulting at times to the children who patronise his store to buy low quality products for a high premium price. It is not so easy for a LEGO minifigure to be portray as an obese person even though it can be seen the shirt is too small for him to wear on.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is pretty good. We get the brand new Squishee frozen drink which is enjoyed by many Springfield residents. We have put together the official Springfield beverages which is produced by LEGO and is certainly very nice to have. The new drink is very small and compact and yet two different kind of mold seem to be present to form the green frozen liquid and a transparent part on the top. At the same time, we get a chance to own a copy of the comic, Everyman. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

He got the copy of 'Everyman'


Mini mini Kwik E-Mart


Please drop by to view my valuable comic books


8) Presenting Martin Prince


The next guy we have for you, is Martin Prince. Martin is Bart's classmate and Lisa's rival in intelligence. He is Nelson Muntz's favourite target for bullying. He is an academically brilliant teacher's pet and is often portrayed as a typical looking nerd. It is definitely nice to see more school children of Springfield which we can use to associate it with Bard and the rest.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is pretty good especially of his versatile attire which can be used as a generic school uniform. I am very fond of this torso very much. Other than that, you get a new printed book entitled Coping with a High IQ. I don't have the exact background of this book title but I suspect is something relating to Lisa's intelligence and his. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

What are you holding behind your back?


Springfield Elementary Schoolmates


Their attires are very suitable for school uniforms


Partying? Want to join us later?


9) Presenting Professor Frink


We are pleased to have the new character, Professor Frink. He is Springfield's local scientist and college professor, and is extremely brilliant, though somewhat socially inept. Professor Frink often attempt to use his bizarre inventions to aid the town in the midst of crisis, but normally those inventions could only make things worse.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is average even though the longish facial appearance is captured accurately but it only provide a flask of chemical liquid of a different mix which is a nice variation instead of just recycle past chemical flasks. Nothing very fanciful but just a simple and typical nerdy looking professor. You may also want to know that the minifgure legs for Professor Frink is produced in magenta for the very first time. Meanwhile, you are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Which potion should I use?


What are you holding in your hand?


Scientific Experiments


10) Presenting Hans Moleman


We have a new senior citizen joining Springfield and is none other than Hans Moleman. He was an ex-Springfield Mayor but got thrown out of office for using other town's anthem as their own. He seem to be always get caught with car accidents even though he could still end up alright. He is low in luck and generally do not bode well for the things he does.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is above average but the design of Hans Moleman is spot-on. The design of his appearance to make it look old is not easy as the wrinkles on his face must be precise and the poor eyesight as well. The printed 1x2 tile which illustrate Hans Moleman's revoked driving license is amazingly packed with tons of details including the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) where people in Springfield get their driving license. It also contains the town name, driver's name, signature, a picture of the person and status of the license. You got to see the real thing in order to be impressed with the most detailed LEGO driving license ever. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

The Senior Citizens of Springfield


Your driver license has been revoked


We can help you with your car


Items for sales...


11) Presenting Selma


The next in line is Selma Bouvier. She is one of Marge's older chain-smoking twin sisters. Selma works at the DMV and possesses a strong dislike for her brother-in-law, Homer, although on extremely rare occasions she shows kindness towards him and seems to tolerate him. Selma's twin older sister is Patty which will be shown for the next character.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is average. You get a blue skirt cloth around her waist, plus the very useful printed 2x2 tile, eyechart which Selma used it to test drivers eyesight as part of the license requirements. Her hairpiece is perm and very large in size. I am surprised by the detailed perming of her hair and I could easily consider her hairpiece as one of the biggest ever produced by TLG. It is no easy feat to have such a heavy hairpiece and yet the minifigure could still remain upright. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Can I have your order?


12) Presenting Patty


We now see Selma's other twin sister and she is Patty Bouvier. She is one of Marge's cynical chain-smoking twin sisters, who works at the DMV and has a strong dislike for Homer and not even near nice unlike Selma. She can be a very extreme person though. Still, it is nice to complete the family members of Marge through this series.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is average. You get a pink skirt cloth around her waist and a not too bad handbag to carry around. Her hairpiece is perm and large in size but not as big as Selma. Both of them look equally unfriendly. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Selma and Patty


The three sisters


Have you been treating your wife badly?


Hello ladies! What can we do for you?


A simple evening with mother and daughter


13) Presenting Groundskeeper Willie


Now we are moving to another new character known as Groundskeeper Willie. He is the groundskeeper and janitor of Springfield School. Willie's job is to supervise the children of the School during recess and clean the halls. He is recognisable with his red hair and thick Scottish accent even though he may look rough and tough. In actual fact, he seem to be the only one to do the hard manual labour for the entire school.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is average and the plunger is quite the same except for the handle as compared with the previously released Series 9 Plumber. The design of the head is amazingly detailed with the sculpture of the beard and mouth which at one instance could recognised the original state. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view including a tattooed 'W" or 'M' depending on how you interpret it.

Get back to school now


What are you guys working at?


He looks real tough


14) Presenting Edna Krabappel


I am pleased to see the 4th Grade Teacher in Springfield School, Edna Krabappel. Some interesting basic adult information about her, which include the latter marriage with Ned Flanders. Outside school, Edna was portrayed as a typical mid-life single adult, heavy smoker, gambler and occasional solitary drinker trying to find the right man. She got quite a complicated relationships before meeting together with Ned Flanders. The highlight from the Simpsons episode is also the painfully non-existence Woodsrow Wilson which is a practical joke plotted by Bart to create a fiction person to attempt to enter her love life by impersonating as Woodsrow Wilson through pen pal.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is pretty good. Other than the generic pink mug, Edna was seen holding a printed 2x2 tile of Woodrow Wilson's photo. She also seen wearing a light blue cloth to form a skirt around her waist. Edna's hairdo is very challenging accurate right from all over the sides. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Ned and Edna


Hello neighbours


Saturday Night Date


Queue up orderly


Mdm, do you need any assistance?


15) Presenting Smithers


Finally, we get Waylon Smithers Jr which is his full name. Smithers is Mr Burns' personal assistant, executive, and self-proclaimed best friend. He has lived with Mr Burns since he was an infant, and though partly raised by him, Mr Burns has never seen Smithers as a stepson or an heir, nonetheless his loyalty to his evil boss is sincere. He collects Malibu Stacy which is the most popular doll in Springfield.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is spot-on and accurate. Although the only accessory is the printed 2x2 tile which feature a Malibu Stacy with new hat packaging which can pose off as a plastic doll packaging to be sold in toy stores. The overall design for Smithers is spot-on. I could not find a single flaw in it and you just got to put him together with Mr Burns. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

Evil plotting in progress


You are activated for weekend duties


Business dealings


We have successfully taken over President Business


16) Presenting Dr Hibbert


The last but not least in the Simpsons Series 2 is none other than Dr Julius Hibbert. Dr Hibbert is Springfield's most prominent and competent doctor, though he sometimes makes no effort to hide or make light of his high prices. Dr Hibbert is very good-natured, and is known for finding a reason to laugh at nearly every situation.

Parts assortment


The parts assortment is not too bad which include a X-Ray results of Homer with an object stuck in his brain that requires immediate extraction. I like the fact that the X-Ray results is printed onto the 2x2 tile. The facial look is nicely done and you can just see him smiling and grinning with his pearl white teeth. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view in greater detail.

You need to go for an operation


Stop eating donuts anymore


Doctor, please take a look at these reports


General Statistics for 71009 LEGO Minifigures - The LEGO Simpsons Series 2


Below is the combination which I have received from my box,

5 Homer in his best suit and tie (s)

4 Marge in a fancy dress (s)

4 Lisa with Snowball II (s)

4 Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper (s)

5 Bart as Bartman (s)

4 Milhouse as Fallout Boy (s)

3 Comic Book Guy (s)

3 Martin Prince (s)

3 Professor Frink (s)

3 Hans Moleman (s)

3 Selma (s)

3 Patty (s)

5 Groundskeeper Willie (s)

3 Edna Krabappel (s)

4 Smithers (s)

4 Dr Hibbert (s)

Based on the above distribution, I have managed to achieve only three full complete sets of 16 one-of-a kind minifigures each. It means I will have 12 remaining random spares left. Read down to find out what are the remaining spares I have.

My remaining spares

2 Homer in his best suit and tie (s)

1 Marge in a fancy dress (s)

1 Lisa with Snowball II (s)

1 Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper (s)

2 Bart as Bartman (s)

1 Milhouse as Fallout Boy (s)

0 Comic Book Guy (s)

0 Martin Prince (s)

0 Professor Frink (s)

0 Hans Moleman (s)

0 Selma (s)

0 Patty (s)

2 Groundskeeper Willie (s)

0 Edna Krabappel (s)

1 Smithers (s)

1 Dr Hibbert (s)

Data Analysis

Given the complete new data which I have compiled and put together, I have stated my comprehensive analysis based on my individual viewpoint. By buying one full complete MISB box will allow you to obtain three maximum complete unique sets of 16. Ever since the shift of the distribution ratio in LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons, TLG have miraculously return with the traditional three complete sets approach. The ongoing LEGO Simpsons Series 2 has also continued this best ideal arrangement of having three full sets in a sealed box of 60. I am very pleased with this outcome.

This new series does not contain any specific army building minifigures unlike previous LEGO CMFs Series. All of the current 16 minifigures designs are new or re-hash characters in the Simpsons universe, where you don't really need to acquire an army of an individualistic characters in a massive scale. In short and being practical, you do not need to provide an excuse for yourself to amass a huge army of Maggie or Lisa, other than separating and sorting the various minifigure parts for different usage in your LEGO collection such as buying tons of Martin Prince for the torso which I am very fond of as it is versatile to be used as a school uniform.

I personally felt the distribution ratio is skewed on the high side for the members of the Simpsons Family, as these characters are considered the most iconic and highly sought for minifigures. I do not understand why Groundskeeper Willie is given a distribution of 5 per box. It ought to be given a 3 or change it with Marge or even Fallout Boy. It made perfect sense to given the smaller known characters a lesser ratio of 3 per box. Overall, I think they did a great job in this distribution allocation based on the probable liking to the mass audience.

What do you guys think about this round of distribution? Do you share the same sentiments as I do?

To conclude and summaries, based on the probability demonstrated by this review, as an example, here are the results,

High probability

1) Homer in his best suit and tie (s)

2) Bart as Bartman (s)

3) Groundskeeper Willie (s)

Total range: 25%

Each: 8.33%

Medium probability

1) Marge in a fancy dress (s)

2) Lisa with Snowball II (s)

3) Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper (s)

4) Milhouse as Fallout Boy (s)

5) Smithers (s)

6) Dr Hibbert (s)

Total range: 40%

Each: 6.67%

Low probability

1) Comic Book Guy (s)

2) Martin Prince (s)

3) Professor Frink (s)

4) Hans Moleman (s)

5) Selma (s)

6) Patty (s)

7) Edna Krabappel (s)

Total range: 35%

Each 5%

LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 1 and Series 2 collection


Don't you find this very amazing when you place both series together. We now have 32 unique and different Simpsons characters in various settings and you can practically populate and create a mini Springfield with the two new official sets. I really wondered and think is there even a slight possibility for it to even extend to Series 3 next year or in the near future. I supposed time will tell.

We hope you have enjoyed this review


To conclude, the LEGO Minifigures for Simpsons Series 2 have revolutionised the whole LEGO Minifigures theme as a whole. Even if you are not interested LEGO Simpsons but as a LEGO fan, this new series is an avenue to get some new awesome minifigure torsos and accessories to customise your LEGO minifigures collection. Likewise, you can keep the stash of the easily identify Simpsons characters from their headpieces and customise them into different outfits as you deem fit. It will be very interesting to see what the rest could come up with these diversify characters.

Moving forward, it does not just encompass regular LEGO Collectable Minifigures Designs but it also extend to theme based designs for these awesome minifigures like we have seen for the LEGO Movie and the upcoming Halloween Theme. It is also able to expand the list of characters for Simpsons from the earlier series and successfully pulled one with the second series. This is no easy feat that they are able to re-create new hype and anticipation among LEGO and Simpsons fans. This move have clearly hinted that the LEGO Minifigures is an established platform and have done themselves a huge success to be part of the main product line for TLG where the focus and emphasis is just on the minifigures. It might be my wishful thinking, but who knows one day, we may see more awesome new theme based Collectable Minifigures in the near future. I just wish this theme will just go on and be an evergreen theme equivalent.

Now with a total of 256 minifigures released for the entire Series 1 to 13, the recent LEGO Movie Series, LEGO Simpsons Series and the current LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 2, not including Mr. Gold which unfortunately I do not have the blessings or lucky stars to own it till this date, and the special exclusive Toy Soldier minifigure that can only be obtained through The Minifigures Character Encylopedia. Am I the only one who think that space is running out in your display area? I supposed is time for us to expand our shelves more as we are going to welcome new upcoming Halloween Series in the subsequent release.

With this LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 2 in the pipeline for the second half of year 2015, what other new exciting series will TLG install for us. Only time will tell and meanwhile let's be patient about it. I am fully confident that it will be worth the wait.

Please note that the The LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 2 do not contain the placement of LEGO spare parts/accessories. This was practiced since the start of LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 3. Even though you can argue that you have a spare red flower petal from Marge Simpson in a fancy dress

Summary review

Playability: 8/10 (More new LEGO Simpsons minifigures to populate your LEGO Springfield.)

Design: 9/10 (High quality of design especially with the new detailed designed head moulds for the new characters even though I disappointed with some of the re-hash such as Maggie.)

Price: 7.5/10 (I believe pricing may remain the same for Singapore, but prices have gone up for other regions and if it remains, this will go down by one notch.)

Overall: 8.2/10 (Prepare yourself to get at least a set or just a box. I am sure this will be a fitting series within your display collection especially when you are a Simpsons fan.)

I gave it a "5" based on my Review Score Card. :wink: What about yours?

I hope every one of you enjoyed reading this simple review of mine. Comments and Criticisms are strongly welcomed.

Pictures can be found in My Flickr.

If you are interested to read the past LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series reviews, you may find the following links below!

8683: Collectable Minifigures Series 1

8684: Collectable Minifigures Series 2

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8827: Collectable Minifigures Series 6

8831: Collectable Minifigures Series 7

8833: Collectable Minifigures Series 8

71000: Collectable Minifigures Series 9

71001: Collectable Minifigures Series 10

71002: Collectable Minifigures Series 11

71004: Collectable Minifigures The LEGO Movie Series

71005: Collectable Minifigures The LEGO Simpsons Series

71007: Collectable Minifigures Series 12

71008: Collectable Minifigures Series 13

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Dear Eurobricks Community,

I am very pleased to present to share with all of you on my latest completed reviewing project, of the 71009 LEGO Minifigures - The Simpsons Series 2.

This review is now officially fit for public viewing. Please feel free to leave your thoughts! :wub:


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Thanx again for the wonderful review! The transformations into regular minifigures are also interesting and helpful for customizers too.

This series looks more promising than the last version, despite minor characters are inevitable in this series. The only pity could be Maggie's same outfit. We might just need the regular head with a new outfit so we may exchange the two parts, also could be used for an alternative baby character.

I'm not really fond of Marge's lipstick in the physical print, while fine with her look in the cartoon. Marge's dress design looks abit too simplified to be fit on other regular minifigures (okay, I've been watching Project Runway so perhaps I'm too picky :p).

Watching Edna with Fred just makes me sad, anyway....

Edited by Dorayaki

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As always, excellent review! :thumbup: I'd say that even though there are more minor characters in Simpsons Series 2 than Series 1, it is still up to par with the quality of the first series. The only figure I think is a waste is another Maggie, since she seems identical to that in the Simpsons House.

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The tile from Edna shows Gordie Howe, not Woodrow Wilson. That is just what Bart signed his name as.

I'm not a fan of Homer's suit, the trousers and jacket should match. Also Marge's dress is rather plain, shame there is no neck-line detailing. And Comic Book Guy looks very odd, much too thin. But some nice figures in there.

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As always, great review! The packaging is much different than I expected. I like the yellow border, but it's odd to see the animated family taking up most of the box.

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Thanks for this amazing review! Now I can't wait to see them in stores! :classic: I think Comic Book Guy is too thin and Maggie feels a bit redundant but apart from that it's another great series.

Now we still need Moe, Barney, Lenny, Carl, Principal Skinner, Otto and Uther. :grin:

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Thanks for the review. I don't care for this series, but maybe I can spice up a few of my figs with some of the new short sleeved arms.

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Very nice review, as always!!

13) Presenting Groundskeeper Willie

The parts assortment is average and the plunger is quite the same except for the handle as compared with the previously released Series 9 Plumber. The design of the head is amazingly detailed with the sculpture of the beard and mouth which at one instance could recognised the original state. You are able to view the minifigure's back view and side view including a tattooed 'W" or 'M' depending on how you interpret it.

After looking at pictures of Willie on the web, I think the 'W's or 'M's are there to represent his arm hair.

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Always a pleasure to read your minifigs series review WhiteFang!

Thanks a lot for that nice work!

Even if I'm not that a big fan of the Simpson, I want them all! I really like the new soda cup with the straw and the catapult!

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Awesome review Fang! I can't wait to get all of these and the Kwik-e-mart set to complete my collection. They should look good on my shelve. :classic:

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Milhouse hated being Fallout Boy ('I've said the words 'jimini jelikers' so many times, the words have lost all meaning!'). Also, it's not a tattoo on Groundskeeper Willies arm, that's hair.

Weirdly, collectible minifigs rarely have backprinting, an irritation...

Edited by TheBrickHitHouse

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Many thanks for this fantastic review.

I love the way how you played with the different parts and identities to show alternate and funny usage!

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AWESOME review again from you there 'Fangy', thanks for minifig combo'ing ideas......now I'm going to buy more than last year though I'm going to end up with spare heads......oh, well Treehouse Of Horror MOC maybe at some stage. :wink:

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Great review!

I was never into the Simpsons but the detail of all of these figures show great promise to future minifigures :sweet:

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Fantastic review, as usual. Thanks!

The box looks kinda odd. I think there was no need to put the Simpsons family there. Everyone knows who they are.

Lisa's pink dress appears in some episodes, like Lisa the Skeptic:


And I agree with Maggie being pretty lackluster. A simple recolor of the torso would have made her a more interesting minifigure:


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I believe both Homer and Marge's outfits are from the episode Some Magical Evening(?), and the X ray of Homer includes the crayon that makes him dumb.

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I believe both Homer and Marge's outfits are from the episode Some Magical Evening(?), and the X ray of Homer includes the crayon that makes him dumb.

Yes, they are: (it's Some Enchanted Evening)


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That's a great review, I like the box packaging, it comes with a cartoon picture along with the group picture.

Lisa, Frink, and Hibbert has a most interesting torsos.

But I am just a little bit disappointed with Marge, Edna, Patty, and Selma that their leg parts are not the same as S3 Hula Dancer and S8 Fairy since they all have a skirt cloth. And Marge's dress has a stockings in the show.

Edited by legofanatic12

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Yes, they are: (it's Some Enchanted Evening)


That is an iconic episode, and the outfits are pretty faithful, but I would have preferred the family in their Sunday's Best. Great review as always. So droolworthy! Me Wantee!!

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