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[MOC] Lord of Skull Spiders (Pohatu absorbed)

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Hey Guys welcome to my MOC of the Lord of the Skull Spiders in humanoid form during absorbing/fusioning with Pohatu.

I love constracting my own canon with Bionicle and I love darker storylines, so here is what happened:

When the Toa landed on Okoto, Onua just met Pohatu. They decided to search for the other Toa their Protectors have them told of.

On their way they found the Lord of the Skull Spiders and his giant army. Seeing that he has no chance against these Toa, the Lord of Skull Spiders

commanded his army to distract Onua and Pohatu, while he could do a ruse on Pohatu. He absorbed Pohatu and gained more power than ever before.

Now he could beat Onua and bring him under his controll.

It is the destiny of the four Toa left to liberate their Brothers and get rid of the Lord of Skull Spiders.

This is my first MOC using CCBS since I stopped collecting BIONICLE in 2007. A wave of nostalgia lead me to buy the new 2015 Bionicle, so =D


His Body is pretty simple built since it is Pohatus build.


His golden armour is Onua's, I swapped the Onua's golden plates with silver ones because it looks better in my opinion.


His extra arms came from the Protector of Fire and his weapons, well, just some old style Bionicle swords :D


Will the other Toa defeat this powerful enemy and free their brothers?

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Looks more like a fusion of the LoSS, Skull Warrior and Skull Slicer.

Somehow it is, the idea of four Arms is taken by Slicer, but like i said it is actually the LoSS im my Canon fusioned with Pohatu :-)

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