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Alternate Ambulance rear hatch - Legoland

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A little background. While my sets were mainly disassembled from the 1990's, the vehicles for the most part were NOT.

Prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web. my mother had picked up a bunch of used lego at a garage sale for me. Until I acquired set 6395 (Victory Lap raceway) I was utilizing the funky window and hospital symbol pieces as wall and building window pieces. That is until I acquired a stretcher, then the gears in my adolscent brain started turning.

That strecher especially with a person on it wasn't going to go in pretty with regular lego blocks as walls at the back of the ambulance??? I wonder if that's why these have the grooves and all of that??

Which took me to the rear end of the ambulance. The unfinished look of studs didn't appeal to me, so after much messing around. I ended up with the result that you see below:

Even at that age I didn't want the slopped front window and rear window look so I blew my old flat windscreen on the front, the sunroof pieces don't look bad but sets like 6688 look bad to me.

After looking at the pics, please don't point out the lack of QA on the stud gap on the middle of the hospital.

So . . . I'm a little curious if the anyone can tell me if this was in an idea book or genuinely my own idea. I really like it regardless.

As soon as I parked the ambulance beside the one from the 6380 my first reaction . . . . aside from cringing with the yellowing . . . "I have to moved the rear axle up further!!"





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Yas....its nostalgia Thursday. Just a glimpse of that beautiful hospital set (TLG's best!! in my opinion) has made me smile so much. I remeber taking that set in as a Primary 3....(aged 7) project to build with my best mate in my class, during an activity day :wub: .

I really like how you have redesigned the old vehicle to suit your own taste and style! Im not too convinced by the sloped rear...but I like the squared off front and the solid decal panels at the back too.

Now Im gonna dust off my old set and hit the reviewers academy... :blush:

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