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MOD: Eldorado Fortress

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Hello all,

Here's my MOD of the Eldorado Fortress. Combined Sabre Island with Dolphin Point to make this improved Fortress, with a tall watch tower. Improvements made to still look like an official Lego set. Hope you like it! C and C welcome :)




The Tower



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I am a big fan of primarily white with yellow detail coloration of original imperial forts regardless of the realism. This MOC is full of nostalgia, which I think is good.

I would try to blend the colors of your watchtower together better by adding yellow arches and 1x2 bricks to the top, white levels and bottom gray level or use only two colors.

If you would like to add realism to this MOC or your future MOCs, all of the cannons should be at the ground level. A cannon on the watchtower could be used for signaling ships and would be a small caliber. If you check out Star Forts, you'll see that they rarely will have tall towers and all of their buildings are low profile behind the cannon wall defenses.

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Thanks both for your comments,

Phred, thanks for your information on the cannon size and on Star forts. I did indeed think that such a large cannon would be unrealistic. I might actually build a Lego star fort!

Agree with you with the colours as well, will be experimenting with using more yellow in the build.

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