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Small locomotive shed and workshop + coal and water tower MOC's

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This shed was first built around 2005 by my father as a present to me. It was originally three tracks long, with no side workshop, until I was about to order parts to increase it's length to four tracks. I suddenly decided that while I was at it, it should probably have a removable roof. It kinda snowballed from there into this design seen here. I added a workshop (with it's own removable roof) to the left side of the model. I then took the main section's roof off and made it detachable.


The building is 100% build-able, but there is a catch: (Purists look away now!) I'm going to cut a 12 x 24 stud section of an already butchered 48 x 48 baseplate (It's currently in a 12 x 48 size strip, with thre rest being used on my father's own train shed) and replace the hodgepodge of baseplates seen in the picture. Basically, I'm keeping a 32 x 16 and two 16 x 16's for the main shed with the custom plate for the side work-area.


The inside will be taken up by my dark green 2-6-0 "Mogul"-type steam locomotive number 4613. The workshop features tools from set 10027: (2003's Train Shed) a metal lathe, drill press and tool drawers, plus a coffee machine.


The rear of the model. I only need to buy about 50% of the bricks. There are 833 total bricks in my new model minus the 418 in the original (unmodified) model, so 415 bricks to buy.

(Those 3x4 roof slopes are going to be expensive!)


My father built his original gray and black Water Tower way back in the 1990's, back when 9V was king. He made me my water tower in 2007, but I later realized that it needed a companion coaling tower. I made my first attempt at a much larger size than this using pictures from, a website of older Lego train models.


Rear view of the refueling towers.

I have these two models on my desk as we speak. (The coal tower was built in mid-December 2014.)

Here is the LDD file for the shed + workshop:

And here is the LDD file for the coal + water towers: http://www.mocpages....1412536438m.lxf

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I have updated the first post to reflect some changes to the LDD file and pictures.

Here is what the whole setup will look like once the shed is done:


I have priced this model out, and it's $92 in US money. (WAY over my original estimate of $50!) Over $70 goes to one BL seller, which I have a 20% off coupon from. If I use it, it brings the total down to $56 from him, with $78 being the more manageable grand total from all 4 sellers... plus whatever shipping will be. The tools will be bought at a later date.

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Nice, are you planning on building this

Yes! It will be gotten as soon as funds allow, though the refueling towers I already have.

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