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Hey, everyone!

I have been meaning to getting around to build a fighter jet, but just never seemed to have the patience / know-how to do so. Well, I finally buckled down and built one. It has been a while since I last built an airplane, but I soon regained my familiarity with aircraft building.

The scale I built this in is not a typical scale of craft that I usually build in. However, once I obtained the pilot LEGO figure, I knew I had to build some sort of plane for him . Perhaps the most challenging part of the model to build was the back wheel supports and the air intake assembly (or attaching the front nose cone without having the whole front fall apart) on the cockpit. More photos and higher resolution pics can be found here:





(P.S. Being my only second MOC post here, still not totally sure if this is the best spot to post this, but since I saw that it included military MOCs, I decided to give it a go; if it should be moved somewhere else, do feel free to tell me. Thanks. :classic: )

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