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micro castle game project

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I can't give too many solid details about the game just yet, because it's still in developmental stages. It is something inspired by Civilization, mixed with a little Warcraft (not WoW), Settlers of Catan, and a little Final Fantasy.

I'm thinking the game will be competitive. You choose a faction, which has a starting tile (the castle shown would be the starting tile for the Crown Knights). You also choose 1 of 3 available heroes from each faction. There will be a variety of faction units to place into your party. Your party will either be represented by your Hero minifig, or a faction Micro fig.

You will move your character from your home base and start exploring. You uncover tiles randomly (probably a card draw) as you explore. All the tiles have a Technic brick on each side of the base, so they can snap together with a technic pin. When you are on a tile, there are a few things to do. I want there to be event and/or quest cards drawn on a tile. You will have to complete the objective in order to claim ownership of the tile. When you do, you may extract resources.

That'll have to be it for now....about to go out to dinner with the wife.

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