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General 1960's freight train - USA - LDD MOC

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This is a generic freight train from the USA in the mid-1960's. Some cars are older (I'm looking at you, water tanker!) than that, but that's when I'm saying these cars were made up into this particular train. I'm intending to have a steam locomotive pull this train, possibly the 2-8-0 I've been wanting to build. (Yes, I know steam was almost gone by the mid-'60's, but in my LEGO layout it still exists pulling trains as if the diesel takeover never happened / was severely pushed back by several decades)

This train consists of eight cars (there are 7 different type of cars but 8 pictures because of the two identical boxcars needed only one shot but the inside of the caboose warranted a second photo)

Anyway, here is the lineup:

- Lumber Car

- Automobile Transport

- Two Boxcars

- Water Tanker

- Generic Dropside Flatcar

- Tipping Rock Gondola

- Wide Vision Caboose

Here are the cars in order of appearance:


Originally designed by my brother, this lumber car was inspired by set 60056. (CITY Logging Truck) This car holds three logs (maybe more can fit) that float in place because of faulty LDD physics.


This auto-hauling model was built to carry set 5920, (the Adventurers - Dino Island themed Island Racer) it can fit other cars of this size, but not much longer or wider.


I built these boxcars from set 3677 (Red Cargo Train) but with red instead of green. These car s have been in my real-life train collection for a long time... about three years!


This water tanker (Does it carry water or not? I don't know what it was supposed to carry!) was originally part of set 2126 (The TRAINS theme's wondrously named Train Cars.) This car features very few upgrades from the original tanker. I did however, change the roof pipe to an odd length and tiled it. (It always had one studs overhang on one side, and it drove me nuts!)


This drop side flat car was first part of set 2126 (Train Cars), but it didn't really have a purpose. It was hauling uprooted evergreen trees in the set, but that didn't look very good, so I changed it to generic freight. (My resident hobo usually catches a ride on this car.)


Another version of set 2126 (train Cars... AGAIN!) , this time it's a rock hauling tipper gondola. (That's quite a mouthful of a name for this small car!) It usually is empty, as chasing escaping 1x1 round cylinders across my floor is not fun.


This Wide Vision Caboose was originally Model number 30 from set 10183. (LEGO Factory's Hobby Train). I redid the whole model from the ground up, replacing old windows and updating the style. The caboose features removable cupola and cupola roof, along with the two regular roof sections. I'm going to use this piece for the side of the caboose: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=87079pb006


The Inside features a bed, stove, table and two chairs, while the cupola features two more chairs.


Here is the whole train... minus the locomotive.

Here is the engine:


NOTE: I have raised the pistons about 1/3 of a brick since taking this picture. This prevents the from banging into the front pony truck.


Their are printed 1x1 tiles spelling out "BRS" (these should go on the tender) while "5775" will go on the cab.

Here is the LDD file for the whole train, minus the engine: http://www.mocpages....1423516645m.lxf The engine is a Anthony Sava design and will not be handed out. If you want your own then here is a link to his Bricklink store: http://www.bricklink...itemID=15852317 (If I might add, he sells some pretty brilliant model instructions there!)

EDIT: I also want to add most of these train cars I already own In Real Life. The timber car, caboose, steam engine are all that's left to get.

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I like the caboose design.

The build does have the look and feel of a TLG set, something that would be good for play.

That was my plan, and it does look very good running around the track. All I need now are the steam engine, caboose, and lumber car.

Not bad digital creation there 'Murdoch17'........I like the steam engine.......Brick On LDD On ! :grin:

Thank you!

I really like the loc and tender

Thank Anthony Sava, not me. He did the original design, i just modified it to an extreme extent.

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