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James Wellington

[MOC] British Royal Navy Gunboat

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Hello all! I said in my last small MOC, I'd probably do another MOC, so I decided to make a ship this time, a Gunboat. It took me almost 4 hours (mostly finding and digging out parts), i'd say remove all the finding time, it took me about 20 minutes to construct, maybe 25 minutes (I did a few designs, and picked the one I liked most). Now, the gunboat itself has 1 small mast, 1 small rotating cannon at the beginning, and 2 swivel guns. The ship can fit about 4-6 minifigures, however I didn't want to take up the whole ship with minifigures, so I manned it with 3 minifigures in the 3 main posts. I myself am pretty proud of my build, I mean, I just built it with limited parts, and the way I thought a gunship should look like. I originally constructed a small grey cannon to go at the front, but it was a little bit too big, so I added a smaller rotating cannon that looks a lot like a swivel gun :pir-classic: Alright, let's get started.

15858729983_61bbe51c72.jpgGun1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

Side view of the ship. Quite small, but it is a Gunboat :pir_laugh2:

16477118761_32aa1117d9.jpgGun2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

The bow of the ship. A redcoat manning the frontal cannon, and a Royal Navy gunner manning one of the two swivels. As you can see, I've given those new ugly blasters a use! They make great swivels, firing ones, too.

16477115561_b0739a8fe9.jpgGun3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

16477890052_1a8f14daec.jpgGun4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

Overview of the ship. You can see a bit of the crows nest.

15858733753_6e4c378d53.jpgGun5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

Other side of the ship. It does appear that there is a bit of dirt of that piece. Cleaning time :pir-oh:

16477109521_9f95055ed0.jpgGun6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

A simple, small stern to the gunboat.

16291417450_5c3aea016f.jpgGun7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

You can really see everything that's going on in the ship in this pic.

16292944127_6e5b4a26b3.jpgGun8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

At the wheel of the ship, a British Midshipman pilots the small ship.

16292243738_def45dc00b.jpgGun9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr

Lastly a view of the whole ship and the crows nest. Let it sail to bring glory to the Redcoats, and justice to the seas.

Hope you've enjoyed! Please tell me what you think of my Gunboat! Have a nice day.

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