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Captive in the Barn - AoM: Storehouse Phase III

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The farmer led Pjeter and Wyndor into the barn where the Blue Wolf member was being kept.


As they approached the men could see the renegade sitting in a corner with his hands tied up.


As they neared he stood up and started toward Wyndor.

The farmer held up a pitchfork and threatened, “Now, that’s far enough scum!”


The Blue Wolf ignored the farmer, but stopped walking. “Wyndor, I’m glad you’ve come. My leader has told me it is time for you and he to meet.”

“Well,” answered Wyndor, “It would appear he has the advantage since he knows me but I’ve never met him.”

“That’s not entirely true,” replied the renegade. “Now please, it is most urgent that we leave at once. Too much time has already been wasted.”

Wyndor raised an eyebrow at Pjeter. “What do you think?”


“We could just lock him up,” answered Pjeter, “We have no reason to trust what he says. But I know you can handle yourself in a scrape, I’ll leave the decision up to you.”

Wyndor turned back to the captive. “Let me guess, if I come with you I have to come alone and unarmed?”

“No,” he answered. “Bring whomever you want. But there is no need for a show of force nor will it help you. We will need horses though. Where I am taking you is not close by.”

Wyndor thought for a moment. “Alright, I’ll come with you.” Turning to Pjeter he asked, “Can you head back to town and ask 2 men to meet me here with horses as soon as possible?”

“Only two?” questioned Pjeter.


“I’m trusting my gut on this one” answered Wyndor. “Oh, and one more thing, can you let Valanice know what’s going on?”





OoC: I'm really happy with how the roof of the barn turned out. I hope you like it too. As this is my Storehouse entry I just want to clarify that I'm counting the hay being stored in the top level as enough to claim this as a Storehouse. I didn't feel like building a giant grain silo or other traditional storehouse so I came up with this idea. I hope that's acceptable.

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Great work on the barn roof in particular! The shape is really good! :thumbup:

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If a barn can't count as a storehouse, the system is flawed! :)

Great build and interesting story - looking forward to seeing what the blue wolves are up to!!

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Nice build! I like that you include links to your previous chapters of the story... I can't believe there are so many already! I really like the third picture from the last, it really looks like a display model from that perspective.

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Awesome scene, a great farm scene! Awesome work with the roof of that barn. The gables look good too. The stockade area is nicely done as well.

I also like how you include the previous chapters. Great story as always, I look forward to the next part!

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Great barn, MKJ!

The roof in particular is wonderful, especially the gables! I like the interior with the stalls on the first floor and the half-used stock of hay on the upper level.

Interesting story as well. I am looking forward to how this turns out!

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Magnificent barn! It's instantly recognizeable, and still looks very medieval :thumbup: The roof is excellent and I like the crane peeking out of the hayloft.

Very good interior as well, just the right amount of details for a barn :classic:

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Nice barn, MKJ, excellent shape with the roof! :wink: The hayloft and stalls are great as well, and this looks very good combined with your other build :thumbup:

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Love the barn! The roof turned out great and i also like the crane to lift goods to the loft. (also great looking hay!)

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