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General Magma

CMF, Wild West & Other Wants

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Hello! I'm looking for Wild West figures & parts - certain old figures might be welcome, but I'm mainly looking for

newer Wild West stuff, meaning the CMF figures and Lone Ranger figures, & separate western-compatible parts like

torsos, legs, cowboy hats, bandanas, indian hats, horses, guns & other accessoires are also certainly welcome.

The following are all of the wanted figures I could think of (figures marked with an asterisk (*) are of higher priority):

- Cowboy [series 1]*

- Indian [series 1]*

- Indian Chief [series 3]*

- Bandit [series 7]*

- Amazon Warrior [series 7] [Preferably head only]

- Tomahawk Warrior [series 10]*

- Robot with hunter hat [The LEGO Movie Series]

- Robot female with dress [The LEGO Movie Series]

- Prospector [series 12]

- Sheriff [series 13] [Preferably legs only]

As for The Lone Ranger, most of the figures like the cowboys, indians, cavalry soldiers, etc. are likely on my list of wants.

Also looking for most of the newer Star Warsarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png aliens.


- Old UFO, Spyrius, etc. figures (Droids/robot-like figures and aliens mainly)*

- Alien Conquest (Aliens, some of the AC soldiers)

- Galaxy Squad figures (Insectoids and robots mainly, also some Squad troopers)

- Space Police 3 (Officers, especially from wave 2 and 3 (purple hat alien, Rench (lime tentacle alien), Squidtron, Jawson & Craniac. Blacktron torsos also welcome)*

- Ultra Agents villains

- CMF Series 14 Aliens & Space Troopers

- CMF White & Orange Battle Mech

- CMF Blacktron Battle Mech

- CMF > possibly other space figures

As for my haves, I've got Star Warsarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png figures, CMFs, castle (Crown Knight Fantasy Era mostly) and a smaller amount of figures from other themes.

If you're looking for anything specific (out of those or anything else), tell me about it and I'll see if I can find what you're looking for.

I am located in The Netherlands.

By tradingarrow-10x10.pngarrow-10x10.png with me, you accept to be willing to ship first.

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It may not be much but I've got four Lone Ranger torsos for trade each with yellow hands along with an Indian torso from the LR range (but this is just the torso with no arms).

Let me know if it's something you're interested in.

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Updated with new wants. (Space)

Main space wants are ALL Space Police 3 figures from wave 2 and 3 (mainly criminals Craniac, Jawson, Rench, Squidtron & the purple suit alien), officers & spiky helmet alien from wave 1,

and the old UFO, Spyrius, etc. figures (aliens & droids).

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now looking for flesh heads instead of yellow, and not really any space figures anymore35.gif35.gif

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